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http://www.complex.com/tv/music-videos/not-afraid-the-shady-records-story-ft-eminem-50-cent-dr-dre?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=ComplexTV1&utm_campaign=Complex%20TV%202015-03-11 Good watch....
So get them. I have had the green in the past.
"Approve"? Get whichever one you want. Both are fine. Surely you don't need random inter-web people to advise you on whether green or blue trim is SF "approved."
^^ -1
Unless you are a waiter or burglar, there is no such thing.
You should have your own show.
^^Saw that.Just as great is the following documenting his fight vs George Foreman in Zaire: The Rumble in the Jungle in '74. Ali was a HUGE underdog. He made the 'rope-a-dope " famous in this fight.(I know that I must have previously posted this in the thread.)
To add, neither fighter has to get me amped for this fight. I don't have to watch anything leading up to the actual fight.... but when the last undercard is finished, I know that I will be seeing something historical.
I actually think that their focus for this fight is higher than ever. No time for the BS and name calling/tussling at standard press conferences. This is the biggest fight in years. I don't need to see any of that BS at press conferences. Matter of fact, I rarely watch press conferences. Didn't even look at a replay of the first one for this fight.
I differ from you re teenage boys. But whatever floats your boat!
New Posts  All Forums: