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First...one can not determine if the sleeves are too short/long without a jacket on. I see so many men getting shirts made(for the first time) and not trying on the finished product with a jacket. Retake with a jacket on for a proper evaluation. To me..it does look like the sleeves are short and the neck is too big. It seems that when you put on a jacket, the shirt cuff will disappear.
You consider that ironed?Iron the pants and re-post proper pictures...
Good match!
Not her fault. She did it on the down low. Someone on the flight saw what happened and Tweeted it out.He father is a Vet so that was probably part of her through process as well as the service that the men and women provide...
Agree 100%.Just because you are married to him, does not mean that you can purchase clothing for him. It really doesn't. Some people can just be really picky.
sleeves are waaaay too long.
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