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Because they are afraid that people will put the company on blast!
Run over some tourists on the Bk Bridge.....
First...people will be hard pressed to read all that you wrote WITHOUT pictures. You started this thread 3 weeks ago and there are 9 posts(including this one.) 5 are yours!If you don't present a visual for people to know that you know what you are talking about, they damm sure won't read your soliloquy.Hence....thread fail.
De La Hoya's claims of ending boxing's Cold War don't hold water with Haymon as roadblock http://www.badlefthook.com/2014/10/6/6926031/de-la-hoyas-claims-of-ending-boxings-cold-war-dont-hold-water-with
Canelo Alvarez pulls out of Dec. 6 bout http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/boxing/canelo-alvarez-pulls-of-out-dec--6-bout-to-take-care-of-lingering-ankle-injury-003649943.html
I never buy ties to match shirts/outfits. I buy ties that I like. I probably have close to 100 and appr 30 shirts so mixing/matching is easy. Buy ties that you like. Buy some more shirts.
That matters just so much.Does she think that you would take a job "blind" just because she recommends you? You can still go through the process and if it isn't for you and your family, tell them...and her.
You should check out Blood In Blood Out. Pretty good West Side gang/jail flick.
Nothing custom.TWC has a cable running for my TV. Verizon has a "dual" cable that connects my home phone and internet. When Sandy hit a few years ago, both were never down at the same time. So I was able,to either watch TV or be on the Internet at all times.
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