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That's Harold Falcon speak right thurrrr.
I don't like khakis at all. Don't even own a pair. However, is that is the option, follow Veremund's advice above.
They start to "cry" after their attorneys tell them that they are preparing suit vs the school district!
Tks for the pics.
Someone actually said that they thought it was the best thing Netflix ever did.
^ I have that in my queue. No rush to watch it.
Where you should go would be based on where you live. You haven't provided that info. What career path are you pursuing? What are you looking to acquire with that $1,000? 1 custom suit? I would not recommend that. What do you currently have in your wardrobe? 2 solid pairs of shoes? Shirts? Ties?
Just to add to this....let's say that there are 100 US based transactions still out there.Do you think that someone is going to get those 100 people to agree to go(not physically) to the US agency in charge of leather jacket fraud to pursue this matter?Shit...there are people with jackets pending for 2 yrs that don't want to hurt Drew's feelings! There are people out there who can sit at home and have someone write an article about the situation...and they don't want that...
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