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Not really.
Stop.Her sister Kate is better looking.
I saw that earlier. funny shit.
Top one...but you can hardly tell the difference.
Why Gennady Golovkin still isn't a mainstream star (and may never be) http://sports.yahoo.com/news/why-gennady-golovkin-still-isn-t-a-mainstream-star--and-may-never-be-173345553-boxing.html
Don't you hate that.....
Agree with point #3.
If anyone has some extra scratch laying around: 1971 Muhammad Ali Fight Worn Gloves from First Joe Frazier Bout.... http://sports.ha.com/itm/boxing-collectibles/memorabilia/1971-muhammad-ali-fight-worn-gloves-from-first-joe-frazier-bout/a/7115-80075.s
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