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I am not talking out my ass.Ok, your mom had a great shift and off weekends for 30+ years. Guess what, shit changes due to wasteful spending.Does your mommy also bitch for you when you have job issues? Does she call in sick for you?
You need more than 3 suits.
They left it at the neighbor so that they would not have to go back the next day to attempt to deliver it. It seems that your sister's neighbor is a bit of an idiot to "lose" a package. Recourse? Did you have insurance?
To be Neo for a day!
You da man(I think!).
Er, she still has a job.....no?My mom retired as an RN after 35+ years at the same hospital. She had to work various shifts and assignments through the years. Stop bitching. Medical people work various shifts.
Walking to the farmers market with shorts/tee shirt/straw hat got me sweaty!
Nah. I watch movies at home. I tend to fall asleep in the theaters.
New Posts  All Forums: