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Do you have a suitcase already? If so, why not just buy a garment bag for the suit and SC?I never fold my suits when traveling(my carryon can accommodate a suit.)You can get a garment bag from somewhere like The Container Store for appr $10. Just use that. I would not go out and buy a suitcase just for this reason:http://www.containerstore.com/shop/closet/hangingBags?productId=10000079&N=148Or go to a department store(i.e. Macy's, etc) and slip the guy in the men's section...
How exactly does that happen?If the OP spent a 1/2 hour(or whatever) composing this thread....why does he want it removed? Has his feelings changed or is he one of those people who can't handle when others disagree with his thoughts...or how he laid them out?
But when you can earn millions playing baseball/basketball/football...why bother with soccer....It's just more of a lower profile sport here in the US.
Lesser TV ratings + Lesser advertisers = Lesser $ for the players.
You ever see what you can make playing baseball/football vs the MLS?
I think that had to do with wanting the Heat to lose more that the Spurs.....
Vouch for them? Just do a search....they are quality shoes.
Eh. Very far fetched.
Wear what you would usually wear when you and your friend hang out.
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