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Stan Smiths and Rod Lavers? That way before 2003! Classic sneakers.
I actually think Canelo KO's Manny at this point. PBF vs Khan would be the better fight for many of the points above. PBF will try for the late stop. Khan will be going for broke also. Yeah, he will lose but there will be excitement. PBF vs Cotyo is a rematch for a year + ago. No reason for it now. Yeah it's a good fight, but so what.
Another funny vid. Check the comments. Very true:
He has improved but still fights the "same" fight. He just knocked out James Kirkland on Sat.Seems they are angling for a Canelo vs Cotto fight and maybe GGG in the next year or 2 a/p De La Hoya.I don't see the need for rematches against people he beat unless:-Right away-Or Manny for the $.
No probs.....
Is your weight where it should be? If not look into lowering in 5 lbs.Do you smoke?Do you drink a lot?Work stress?Personal stress?Do you cook? Over season with salt or other salt-like spices? Do you over salt your food before you eat it?Getting enough sleep?
I didn't think it was for me either. It's very good. I have not gotten to watch season 2...but before I do, I will re-watch season 1.I recently re-watched Broadchurch. Highly recommend.
^^ That's borderline bro. Try to bring that down.
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