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And Amex Platinum automatically upgrades you to various programs:rental cars/airline/hotels/restaurants/etc.Like Is aid, it isn;t for everyone, but if you have the choice of a DC vs a CC/ChargeC with benefits, later for the DC.
I def hear you.The thing that I am saying is that just using a debit card vs a CC card with rewards is loco. Use a CC. Apply for a CC with some type of rewards points.Totally also agree that an AE Platinum is not for everyone.
You on a roll bro.
NBC Scraps Bill Cosby Comedy https://tv.yahoo.com/news/nbc-scraps-bill-cosby-comedy-183150550.html
No. But free trips to the Dominican Republic can.
How is that working for you.I have also been to sporting events($800 tickets) for free. Trips to Thailand/Madrid/London/etc for free.I am not knocking anyone. But if a CC company gives you FREE points for FREE shit, why in the world would you not take it?AE Platinum is 1 point for every dollar. Not some crazy shit like 1% back.Just look into it bro. American Express is a charge card. You charge. You pay. Somewhat like a debit. And every dollar you spend, you get legit...
All I am saying is that if you are going out and have a CC, use it. if your CC doesn't offer points, get a new one.I never leave my casa w/o cash. I am not one of those dudes.i have friends and we go to some non plastic spots and they only have plastic. I am amazed. How do you not have cash in NYC(IMO.)But when buying major stuff and many daily items, when not get free shit for it?
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