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Hence why one shouldn't carry one around clipped to your belt...even if the "knife" part was in your pocket.
that look isn't "fashion forward."
you don't live in nyc.
He is lucky he didn't get shot....or taken down commando style.The laws may be "fucked" up....but it is STUPID to carry the knife like that in NYC.
Gotta be a little smarter with the NYPD in NYC.
Many people do. No biggie(not the rapper!)
Agree.Like I said, I was referring to the "expensive" portion of the post.And lets not jump the gun.....that charge can get dropped if the guy had/has a valid reason for carrying the knife.FYI.....It's silly for someone in NYC to carry it out in the "open" like that. Like the laws or not....it's just silly.
I have not been to an actual movie theatre in years. The last time was maybe the Montreal Film Festival years ago.I can't see myself going to the movies and seeing shit flicks.
Absolutely not.My response was to the "expensive" charge.Licenses in NYC are not that "popular" as they are in other locations. What license of yours would have problems come renewal time?
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