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You are overthinking this. If you like a 3 button polo..wear it. if you like a 2 button polo...wear it. Pretty simple.
Great cover.
That's silly to me. Why not protect your shoes?
Wow. This is a basic shirt. Hundreds of options out there.
The covers are great. I visit clients 5 days a week. They don't care. I have a pair of Totes covers at the office and at home. Never at a loss.
Nice upgrade. Consider tacks on the soles to prevent noticeable wear.
I def think it appeals.I got mine appr 5 years ago(also thrifted.) It's a Calvin Klein "vintage" jacket that fits me well. The main difference is that mine has chest pockets and all of the pockets are buttoned.I use it whenever I travel as I can hold a lot of stuff.Good find IMO.
Didn't know what to expect with this. Took a chance and finished the premier season last night. I think this is one of the better series that I have seen in a while. Good acting. Complex, but easy to follow story lines. Very good! 4/5.
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