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Tickets were gone in under 10 seconds after they became available at 4:30. Some people said that they kept refreshing the screen and more became available.How did she say it was? he only did 2-3 songs I believe.
Stevie was in town. He did a surprise mini show/q&a and info session on his upcoming tour in Central Park on Monday.
Once again, A Most Wanted Man was shit to me. basically a slow movie that did nothing.
Of course.
Caught this recently. Pretty good acting/cast. It just didn't wow me throughout. Basically the true story of a young man who gets kidnapped and gets held for ransom that his parents have no way of paying. He is kidnapped because he is Jewish and the assumption was that he comes from a wealthy family. Borderline 3/5.
Same here.
I would push for mid Sept to coincide more with fashion week in NYC.The UN General Assembly is later in the month as is the Pope's visit to NYC. Higher suite/room prices if that matters and less inventory for what you may want.
When I said outside of the obvious...I was including Basic Instinct, Wall Street and Fatal Attraction.
I'm not saying his best....I'm saying my favorite.Outside of the obvious ones, I liked A Perfect Murder over The Game.
Wow. Too bad you don't live in NYC. I have had countless pairs of those Tims throughout my lifetime. Never paid retail. I have a pair right now on my landing right outside my front door. Used those when I was shoveling snow this past Winter.
New Posts  All Forums: