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Store properly.
A) Plan to lose weight B) Find a men's shelter in your area and donate it.
Floyd Mayweather Won't Quit, Would Lose Manny Pacquiao Fight, Says Freddie Roach http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2549313-floyd-mayweather-wont-quit-would-lose-manny-pacquiao-fight-says-freddie-roach This guy is a joke with this Manny talk. Give it a rest.
Have work wife take a look.
Walk in with bottle of scotch or a bottle(s) of champagne wrapped nicely. Hand it to the chick. Then enjoy the other libations at the event.
Are you also going to the wedding? Do you know the dude or the chick...or both? But booze is always the answer to these types of questions.
I'm here all week.
Melon shaped.
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