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Pics? Links?
Are those veins on the right side of the body that visible? How does the back look?Nice fit.Tks.
So to summarize:Suit. With tie. Raincoat. Umbrella.
Suit. With tie. Raincoat. Umbrella.
I saw that a while back. Enjoyed it. Good stuff.Nothing like Gone Girl..which was shit. I have no clue why it got all of the accolades that it did.
Some nice stuff on this page....
Where did you say that?
I know that's not how it works. It was said in jest.I have been in weddings before.
I do want to get specific e-mails if I am quoted, etc. But just not on EVERY subscribed thread. There has to be an easy way to do this vs going into every thread setting. I found it. It's at the bottom of the individual thread settings page. You can stop all e-mails.
New Posts  All Forums: