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You need to put a shirt on to gauge the fit of the jacket.
Don't quit your day job.
I would suggest putting on a shirt and shoes and take proper pictures. Do you plan to wear the suit shirtless?
Get whatever shoes you want. Then get 2 pairs of these: Keep 1 at your office and 1 at home.
Really would need to see before pics.
The word "smart" is silly when used with clothing IMO.The OP is asking about a tie to be worn with a "smart" suit. One would guess that the suit is appropriate for a shirt/tie. So it is silly to call it "smart."What's next? Casual sneakers. Sporty baseball cap. Dark black pants? Dressy tuxedo?
What's a "smart suit"?
Not sure where you are located, but there I know that there is a NYC office/contact details on line. Have you tried calling vs e-mailing?
I stopped reading when you wrote that ^.
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