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It's 2015. The age of social media/the internet.
This. He is laying low.
Then there is your answer.
Really? Of course it is appropriate for the wknd. No..there are no preferred color combinations.
Ask here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/231002/fake-or-real-authentic-genuine-etc-official-authentication-thread/1410#post_8018223
Here is my take.....IF....and that is a big IF.....that is your usually style, then I can see it being fine. If both the bride/groom knows that you are not a traditional dresser and always wears outfits outside of the "norm", then what you have suggested is not a stretch.IF, that isn't your style and you just want to do something different/fun...DON'T. A wedding is not really about you having fun clothing wise.
Saw this recently. Solid flick. Good acting by the lead character. Basically the story of a contract killer for the mob. 3/5.
Is this look for work..or casual wear?
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