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Would not work for me. I drool whilst sleeping.
Pics or GTFO!
Will finish watching the last Ep of season 2 later tonight. Good series. The Brits know how to do police dramas. Via netflix.
I like this idea if you MUST do it.
Cool. Enjoy.I have 6 more days in Thailand until i head back to NYC.
+1. Especially to the last part.
How long are you in town for pB?
I am also in Bangkok right now sitting in my hotel. Nice and quiet now. During 90% of he rest of the day, it's noisy as tuck. I guess I am used to it. I live on a residential street in Brooklyn. We had a rather large pothole right in front of my place a while back. The sounds of the vehicles running over it every day drove me crazy. 3-4 311 tickets and the contractor finally came to fix it........appr 8 months later. That was as noisy as it gets on my block.
You mean you get emoticons otherwise in "legit" correspondence outside of sub lines?
I watched it on a flight last week. I thought it was ok. Nothing that I need to go out of my way to watch again, but ok.
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