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Jets Pro Bowl DT Sheldon Richardson suspended first four games for violating NFL’s substance abuse policy http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-pro-bowl-dt-sheldon-richardson-suspended-games-article-1.2279472
I would have gone with a "sleeker" shoe.
Nope.Friend(my colleague) was also part of the interview and all the dude really had to do was go through the basics of interview 101 and he would have probably have gotten it. But when he mentioned that right away.....After he left, me and my colleague stood there laughing!
I interviewed a guy once(he was a friend of a colleague) who asked about work hours right way. He said that he would need to leave early/come in late because he and his wife just had a baby. Don't you get the job first and then bring that shit up?
My vacation time is my FUCKING time.
Wknd forecast is not looking bad at all.
Do-able..but sock-less spoils it for me.Some shoes are not meant to be worn w/o socks.
Fucked up way to lose.That chick is gonna be doing some shots later!
What a fucked up way fro England to lose to Japan! That chick is gonna feel like shit for a while!
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