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Take a trip! You may not get a chance to get away for several weeks for a long time: new job/limited vacation/low man on totem pole/etc. Agree...plan it and go. But know that I don;t think you can collect unemployment in NYS if you are out of the country. I could be wrong. So if you willing to deal with losing/delaying 2-3 weeks...then go for it. (Is GF in NYC/NYS?)
People are lazy. Some feel that they are just running an errand and just plop their phone on the seat thinking that they won;t need it. Then they get a call and have to actually pick it up and use it. Yep unsafe. People don;t learn.I had a friend who would do that with me in the car. I told him to cut that shit out. if he wants to get in an accident by himself, go for it. But don;t do that shit with me in the car.
Of course it's a hit and miss.I am mostly referring to this people who walk off of the plane in some of the countries already mentioned with their gold watch/chain/waving their phone around and not paying attention to their surroundings.Foreigners can get sized up as soon as they land at the airport. As soon as they jump into a taxi. As soon as they check into a hotel.I have never had an issue. I don;t carry a wallet when I travel(I leave it at the hotel) because I don;t...
+1And if GF is looking to travel to places outside his comfort zone.....I take it for granted that he knows to travel "light."No fancy watches/jewels/etc.I don;t even carry a wallet in some places. Just my money clip with cash/hotel card key and bank or CC.....and my camera. basically it.
Not sure what you mean?
Not every car has bluetooth.
Exactly. That's why I agreed with you re circumventing.Unless you go with a licensed org(for the majority of US citizens), you either still need to fly to Canada/Mexico/Caribbean and then on to Cuba(which is rather easy to do) if you want to visit the island on your own with no restrictions.
Ok. So you post that to agree with my "not true." All of those categories are not for "business reasons."
"Hire" means that you have to pay!
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