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It's actually "spic".
I am D-loading on my phone and iPad. 4.6? I heard 1gb....
Ugly women feet turn me off. Dirty I Can deal with. I just tell them bisssshes to take a shower.
Don't make it too complicated bro. Dress nicely. Don't take off the jacket too soon. Me? I wear an undershirt because when the jacket comes off, you see the sweat on your shirt. I just photographed a wedding last weekend for a good friend's family member: -I left my cell at their house. No need for that at the wedding. (Different if you are not staying somewhere.) -Leave your wallet at home. I took my money clip with cash/CC/bank card. That's it. -Keys were also left at...
Spurge on travel.
Where you live????
Malignaggi On Floyd-Manny http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11540027
Hats I understand. Dirty feet and jacked nails........
Loved it!
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