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Watched this recently. Good stuff but the ending could have been a little clearer. (Watched on a flight home but you can obviously access on-demand on HBO.)
Caught these 2 shitty flicks on a recent flight home. I don't know which was worse: ^ Even Emily Blunt could not save this train wreck. I could not even finish this one. Stopped it about 65%. I think they tried to make a Gone Girl type of film and I don't think they succeeded. I also didn't care for Gone Girl. Never got the hype. It's funny as I started reading the book about a year ago and stopped about 50 pages in. ^ This, to me, was equally bad. The...
Sounds like some people can't drink!
I didn't care for it either. Preferred De La Soul's "comeback" album by far.
^^ And some nice ones at that.
Shit, I am craving a turkey and pepperjack from my bodega right now!
Going out with a chica or with friends?
There might be an Amsterdam travel thread already. May be a little dated but I would start a new post or update that one.
That tie is not loud at all.
There is an authentication threads on this forum. Just search for it and re-post. Loads of experts there.
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