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Look at the question that you are asking.There WILL be people who have fused suits that don;t bubble.There WILL be people who have fused suits that do bubble.There is no right answer. If you want to spend the extra $200...go ahead. Pretty simple.
Don't dry clean your suits often. Only when absolutely necessary.
But Alec only did 1 film. Granted, it was the best...we agree on that....but I would go with 2 very good flicks vs 1 great one.
Hunt for Red October > Clear & Present > Patriot GamesWho was the best? I mean..Harrison Ford.How many choices are out there?
I love Carlito's Way. It is def borderline 5 IMO.I like Clear & Present more than Patriot Games.
(Just to clarify, the flicks I mentioned on the previous page are what I consider 5/5. I would not put Alive a notch below those.) Some 4/5 IMO: Match Point Carlito's Way Slumdog Millionaire The Taking of Pehlam 1,2 3(original) In the Bedroom Jerry Maquire Clear and Present Danger Ocean's Eleven(remake) Blue is the Warmest Color Rosemary Baby(borderline 5) The French Connection(borderline 5) Psycho Etc.
Goodfellas...def. Really haven't watched BL in a while.
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