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I started it and stopped after maybe 1 ep a few weeks ago. Glad to hear that it is worthwhile. I will watch.
Pics or it never happened!
Damm. You watch a lot of movies.
This is not what he was. He is the regional zone manager for Chevy....at least that is what EA said.It does look like they scrambled to get him up there in a role that he isn;t used to.
This is comical. Guy had a BEAST of a post season. Deserves the MVP. Gonna be a very good pitcher in years to come.But lets not start acting like his post season is a reflection of his regular season. He is a solid regular season pitcher. Nowhere near "God." FEW pitchers are.
What a stupid question. You threw 270+ innings this year. How tired are you? Jackass, he didn't throw 270 tonight!
No one throwing in the pen, so he will pitch for the series.
Yessir. No time for games at this point.
I actually meant to type Fok. Not sure why I typed Foke.
New Posts  All Forums: