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Perfect day today. Tomorrow will be muggy and 87! Take weather like this over that any day.
How did you just find that out?
That's all I am saying.I am not crucifying children for being children in certain situations. But for some, when the parent just sits(stands in my case) and does nothing because they feel it is "cute", they ruin someone's day/event/etc.It's called "upbringing." If you can't provide it in certain situations, then you are to blame IMO.
We are talking about Harold.....
-Stock up your home bar with some shit that you usually would not have in-house-Consider a 3-4 day getaway for July 4th wknd-Art/stocks ie investments.
Was gonna ask if they were hiring!
Not that of a big deal/stretch.The bride was born in Belgium and her parents/most of her family still lived there. The groom was from the US...Boston where they both lived. They wanted to have the wedding in her home town.My GF at the time was good friends with both. They invited me when I first met them and we made a 10 day holiday out of it(London for 7 days and Belgium for 3.)
So you are ok with children bothering others(adults or children) and the parents who do nothing to stop it?
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