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You have 2 blue suits and 2 grey/charcoal suits.Ok. Get a blue blazer. What's next? A grey blazer? Didn't see that coming.
I already said that I would have shut it down.
LA Guy.... I also agree that it is VERY cheesy that you and Charly use this thread to plug a new leather jacket venture. VERY CHEESY. Yes...SF is your platform. You can do whatever. But you can easily open a new thread and plug both ventures there. Don't make it seem as if you don't care about what/how your MEMBERS feel which is what many people feel you you are doing. You can solicit customers in the ToJ thread. Good for you and Charly. But that is easily down but...
AND....a lot of people are sitting around waiting for others to push Drew to send out jackets. Honestly...DWW and others claimed to be doing a lot to help people who didn't get jackets. I called BS early. Many people did. DWW got his shit. I commend him because he used any means necessary to get his shit. If more people did that instead of waiting for SF members to champion their cause, maybe more people would have jackets. DWW ain't worried about your shit! I would not...
Ok.Yes or no?HELL NO!FUCK 'EM!There is another saying....You either smoke or get smoked!Drew smoked a lot of people. It's not up to you to help them recover $/jackets.
I think that, against your better judgement, you should keep it open.Fuck it....no fees are coming in. SF members at least have a way to vent about the shitty ToJ treatment. ToJ info can trickle in as jackets get shipped. It's a great thread to promote other options. And I must say this, but it is great entertainment!Would I? Hell no. I would take it down in a sec. Fuck some of these people who don't get it!
Pants also.
Don't forget, wear or bring a proper pair of shoes. Don't go there with sneakers/flip flops/boots.
New Posts  All Forums: