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I didn't call YOU stupid...stupid. I said that it will LOOK stupid.
So if you want to wear trousers w/o a crease, just do it.Looks stupid......but why ask for advice if you can't take it.
That's what jeans are for.And why would you wear wool trousers in the summer?
So you are one of "those" husbands?
French Connection is a GREAT flick!
Westbrook is the only player since Wilt to have 120 pts/40 rebounds and 30 assists in 3 straight games(total.) Amazing stats! And he is now leading the league in scoring ahead of Harden.
Same here.But like I said, I want GOOD seats for a fight of this magnitude. But I will def reach out.
Shoveling snow sucks(I just spent 1 hour doing it!) Coming in and grilling a steak with some sautéed veggies while sipping on some Stoli makes up for it!
New Posts  All Forums: