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Jacket sleeves seems drop too long for me.
Is he engaged to a supermodel? If not, then no!
PLEASE do not rush out and buy all of that in 3 weeks. Purchase some staples. Work around that. Then add gradually.
It's fine if done right.
Wait? Why are you washing the pants after 1 wear? Spend the extra $ and have them dry-cleaned every now and then. Not after every wear. (And yes, I would return them.)
When you go looking to buy a suit, wear a proper shirt! Not a polo shirt/tee shirt/etc. Geez.
Don't like: -Color -Pocket -Etc I wear casual shirts untucked all the time. That looks like a dress//casual shirt morphed into something and I am not sure what it became.
Some grooms don't realize that a nice navy suit, white shirt, silver tie and black shoes matches EVERYTHING. It is an elegant look and will compliment anything that the wedding party has on.
Always funny when people put ANY stock in preseason games/records. Though AC may have just been kidding.
New Posts  All Forums: