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I understand that he/the company and you/SF are in business. I understand that you and him may be friends.However, your business is SF, not TOJ? You start to lose credibility by (re)posting what many read into as "excuses" for TOJ:-Zipper issues-Personal issues-Production issues-Staff issues-Shipping label issues-People slamming you online issues-Life (tired of doing something) issuesPut all of that aside, there is still no excuse for not being a MAN and BUSINESS OWNER and...
For the most part, it never is. People just watch too much TV.
CDC Team leader doesn't seem like she has her shit together.She stated that there are screening processes in place. Was asked a followup......"but the Dr got through despite screening. How about a regular person getting through just feeling that they have the flu." Her basic response(before the Mayor cut her off)......"We have screening in place.....recommend that people follow the steps."
Watching now.....Oh no....he is speaking Spanish. The only thing I understood is "Bellevue."
He came home to NYC. Nothing wrong with that.But the guidelines say 21 days. He didn't follow that.
Red line? You are not referring to the subway..are you?
I have had one just about every time I went to the "front page." Shit is annoying.
It looks big.But PLEASE, when trying on a suit/taking pictures/going for alterations...wear a fucking dress shirt. Not a tee-shirt!
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