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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Purse Split: $100M For American, $60M For Filipino— Report http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/573963/20141126/floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiao-purse-split-60.htm#.VHT9M4tvDww
With such great flicks, I am sure you will get responses. (Sometimes it is easier to just walk up to said person that you are stalking and just ask.)
GREAT post!!
My go-to drink...Stoli/cran...getting ready to watch some Patriots vs Lions.
If that coach was a GM of an NBA team, he would be fired. I mean, if he is avg 10 assists, he isn't a ball hog.)(Unless he is taking 35 shots/game...)
I actually expected more from him. I mean, he showed real fight/guts getting through that last fight with his eye like that.
Too "urban"? WTF does that even mean? Does he grab his junk after he dunks on someone? (I could not even come up with a good example.)
Didn't see the Pac vs Algieri fight(I was out most of the night.) From what I read, Algieri just shuffled around the ring with his hands up not throwing punches the entire fight. Got knocked down 5-6 times. Didn't show any "fight" like he did i his previous win. He really let a lot of people down...not that they thought that he would win...but because they thought that he would fight.
New Posts  All Forums: