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Pics of girl or GTFO!
His album hit #1 on Billboard this week. First time ever... http://time.com/3031183/weird-al-hitting-number-1-doesnt-change-plan-to-stop-making-albums/
That was rhetorical right?
I saw his "Foil" aka "Royals". he has some wit!
Agree with this ^^.(Though I am also a Bklyn resident: Boerum Hill.)
Stop using the word "smart"!
Don't like.
Your fault bro.
Yes. Worth it. You know...some of these questions on SF are just plain stupid. You bought the shoes because YOU like them. You wore them. They are comfortable. If some SF member who you don't know says that they don't like the look of them, WTF are you going to do? Not wear them?
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