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I'm not saying that albums with just beats are not hip-hop. They def are.
We used to use incense sticks.
Ok....I am about more than 1/2 way through endtroducing. MUCH more of a hip-hop feel. How anyone can consider cosmogramma hip-hop compared to this boggles my mind. I am enjoying endtroducing.....much more than cosmogramma. I think that the reason for that is that I went into listening to cosmogramma as hip-hop and came away with an electronic dance vibe....which it is. But I must say this about both albums.....I would NEVER put either up there as one of the best hip-hop...
Couldn't you summarize? Or post the 8 things in the thread so that people wouldn't have to open an "unknown" link?
How does a grown man not know how to properly light fireworks? I was lighting block busters, M80's at 14! We used to put them in phone booths to try to blow it so that all of the change came out. I still have all 10 fingers. (Of course, he may have been seriously boozed up. I was not that boozed up back then.)
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