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How do you add pictures in the sales thread instead of having to click the picture and letting it load? Also what is the rule about a big listing for one salethread? Thanks! edit : does it always take so long for the sales thread to load?
Selling a blue BoO overdye OCBD. It has been worn a couple of times, washed twice, and is in great condition condition. I am just trying to wear less button downs and more plain T-shirts. I am looking for 110 but am willing to entertain offers, so don't be shy! This is an awesome BoO shirt with a more interesting colour than the typical blue. The shirt is just wrinkly cause it just got out of the wash. It will be ironed and folded nicely before i ship it ! Price...
Uh that's bad, what will happen to my sale section ? On a serious note, Club Monoco is really rocking it, i think they just need better marketing.
God, that's too good... Will prolly drop by tommorow just to check em out.
they can be ironed out and gone forever
+1 on this except in NYC
What size is most common on the menswear side of SF? Sometimes i find some nice suits but don't buy mostly because they're not my size, usually only keep streetwear stuff... So i would flip it here to pass on a good deal
it's okay when hipster girls sock tuck though
Mister Crew looks quite good. Sticks to the basics as well as being incredibly informative. Haha, I feel like many people in the fashion world can't really express themselves well because whatever they say end up being romanticized and their ideas become too abstract to link something concrete onto. Like when Yohji Yamamoto says that what he does as a designer is similar to creating space and space of the expression... I'm a pretty abstract thinker and I still don't...
God, that looks like it came out of seventeen magazine or a 13 year old's scrap book...
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