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+1, must be... cause every nice blazer that i do find, has ridiculously short arms...
best bet's Naked and Famous i think, it's pretty good and have jeans specifically for women... My girlfriend bought a pair she liked but eventually gave up on them cause they were a little too tight near the hip area, size down one. i don't think girls should really size down on them... cause they just end up complaining about how tight they are.
What are the normal measurements for a pair of SLs, is it supposed to be wider at the hem than the knee?
I was always so close to getting a pair but their toebox is so wide it kind of turned me off...
Can't trust those bastards touching all his baller shit.
+ 1 SVB, horizontal lines often create the illusion that you are wider than you actually are so if you insist on wearing horizontal lines, you should size down a size or two in order to combat this optical illusion.
has any ever found interesting things for a dollar or two in NYC? That just doesn't seem possible to me /:
finally sheesh,I didn’t fuck anyone, and I got crabs from a pair of used jeans I’d bought at a thrift store.but the story is pretty mindfucking and bizarre
I love thrifting, it's the only time the trickle down theory ever works.. Thanks RSS :
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