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^ thanks guys, will check barena out
anyone got a recommendation for a good fall knit that's long enough to almost be a coat?
yay on sunglasses clip but I feel like you will still look better w/o glasses Final Home Raincoat, cept in black -- but doesn't really jive with what I have and not sure if I would wear it often... kind of want it just to collect (?) it's cooll
when the hell did people start using the term "self-starter"???
also why i am stuck fashion wise cause i upped a size in shirts and pants and can't get rid of old shit
Damn sounds awesome -welcome back, sorry I never got a chance to hit up beijing
was a gift
Moo, can i get deets for the shoes
sorry, i am an idiot , got confused cause you were selling a pair of S2As that i thought were in that fit and were also the topic of your bleached jeans, anyway all back to business
dudee, don't tell me those were the S2A jeans you bleached
New Posts  All Forums: