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haha dude I was soooo close to kopping that this saturday Definitely works better on you
moleskin trousers kinda suck ( at least the ones I had, robert geller anyone?), fabric makes it so that lint sticks on really easily and it's pretty uncomfortable to wear throughout the day... maybe just me
what is non baller price again?and also what do you guys think abut should I kop? SF HELPs
looking goodd and thanks for the comments guys, I've been trying to find some longer shirts without breaking bank ,also margiela is not real
Weekendddd Zara, Y-3, Helmut Lang , margielas,
i just made the margiela converse collab, nbd the ones in the back are the outside and front are the insides if u know what i mean. aalso they are handpainted, imperfect, and no two pairs are the same. deterioration to ugliness will happen with wear and is an intentional aspect of the design, suede will likely rip
thanks lol, the margielas are the only pair of shoes I have that fits (somehow my feet grew)
anywhere to kop [a feel] of jan jan in ny?
that pair of yohji shoes looks silly, not a fan of the purposely messy stitchiing
measurements please
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