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Starving artist buys 2.9k macbook lolol
this is really interesting, aside from the beautiful photography - that perfect collar roll kinda contrasts with the loose drape of everything else.
hahaha i hope your knees heal soon
thanks man, yeah should've and had it light up haha
Birthday today so i'm going to post primarily for shits and giggles. speckled coat, scarf, pants, boots, camera, daft punk Thanks! On a side note, one of my best friends is going backpacking in asia and I helped him picked up a pair of petite standards for his trip, hopefully he enjoys them. In addition, what's cool for traveling ( and useful primarily)? Thanks for advice, feel free to PM.
not clothes, but airplane meals
this is dope Edit : just looked through the last two weeks and holy shit, waywt is so good. i can't be posting my last level shit here anymore
Just watched the film To Live for class, would recommend
great bomber Parker, btw, whatever happened to the suede bomber? That was pretty dope as well. BCD! 's I want to like your photo but that stare makes it hard for me to look directly at the picture. How do you feel peering into my soul through the interwebs
Thanks for the love guys, wasn't expecting it tbh, details are Calvin klein Collection, Silent, Helmut Lang, Uniqlo pants tapered, pierre hardy ( same that C4est has maybe?)
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