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damnnn i might not look great in this but I really really want this
Damn, what is a good gift for someone who has everything? ...
happy holidays allll
LOL what is going on
Random - basically what i wear every day now edit: no eyes
^^ If only my break was longer - would have been down to help. Someone do it!
Bought these off someone on the forum a while back. Just looking to get rid of my collection cause I need a break from fashunz. Price includes shipping and bags.
i just got this message in PM : Please Give Pastor Paul this Code XQ94 and your names to send you what I left for your attempt to assist me before which failed us somehow,thank God I survived after so many years in Ivory coast. His name is Pastor Paul Roma and his address is pastorpaulroma225 - at - priest - com, Hope you remember me Asril, what the fck, i just finished two episodes of utopia so i'm legitimately scared... no one's after me right?
holy sht, just finished the first episode, a lot of work went into all the shots during production and in post edits. great story telling too thanks for the recommendation !
High tops, perfect slope, and really comfortable feel when laced around. Box is a bit beat up from storage, but if you want it please add 10 dollars. Will ship with bag though, includes shipping CONUS.
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