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Good call! Probs getting the EOTOTO but need to check on company folder sizes
Does anyone know a good leather portfolio? Or perhaps someone who can do leather embossing? Thanks in advancee - did some research but nothing came out
Lookin professional - like the bottom half here
thanks mang (awkward if not partially referring to the fit haha)Thanks! Unfortunately it's all of the same stuff so not worth posting too often, especially seeing how great (for the most part) WAYWT has gotten in the last year
from a while ago back - +J DB cashmere, Silent Damir Doma, Helmut Lang crotch covering shirt, Odin, Helmut Lang, Pierre Hardy
This is great, thanks again for the contribution Synth and others who organized this! Edit: Eye-fi is super useful !
Hey guys, does anyone know really good/chill tailors in boston or clothing makers? not sure why my name was initially on here lulzs
Thanks man, think about coming along!@ Matt, - we've got a pretty weird schedule compared to most people for holidays unfortunately... Nice stuff in the photography thread and if you're ever planning a photo/video based trip, send me a PM!
Is anyone here looking for a random trip in 2014? Anyone here interested in either photography or videography and perhaps just North African textile? Ever thought about wandering in a marketplace in North Africa and enveloping yourself in vivid colors and smells of foods you've never tasted? Ever contemplated taking that eat, pray, love alternative to your mid-life and fashion/closet crisis (10)? So enough shinanigans - basically my friend and I are going to Marrakech,...
One of my favorite fits from you can someone explain what's the deal with the puckering at the shoulders though?
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