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Nah dude i think they're cool
from a couple months ago y-3 again, boston half marathon shirt (gf's), helmut lang, and hiking boots
if you shower with warm/hot water, it is really bad for the coating of the lenses (can get scratched easily)
Not really a great photo but the walls are amazing - carving on top of a door at a mosque in Fez: edit: realized it hard to see much cause it's down res...
Pious owner of a traditional handcrafts shop studies the Qur'an. Fashion in Marrakesh: Hooded man in jedi-esque contemplation in the middle of a bustling city: Curious but shy kid in the Medina (by far my favorite shot): Traditional Tannery (oldest in Marrakesh - lower res version): Lastly, this kitten dgaf (found him sleeping in a random alley - wish I could have taken him home): More to come but thanks for checking it out!
Not me but fashunz in Marrakech edit: hip shooting on the Leica M
can't see shit lol but random mountain wear parka, Y-3 hoodie, james perse shirt, helmut lang jeans, merrell boots
Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase a wallet with credit card slows (Bi-fold preferable) or one with zippers that go around the wallet. Looking for dark leather. Don't mind it used once or twice, but would prefer to stick to as new as possible. I am also looking for two business card holders that are simple and sleek. Let me know if you guys have anything available. These definitely have to be new. Thanks and perhaps I can upload pictures of stuff that I might want. If...
damnn, the fits are too good today
Close up - just realized it's a bit less yellow in real life +J Coat (not wearing) Philip Lim Shawl(ish) blazer, Carven sweater, Tim Hamilton, Common Projects
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