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Anyone know where I can find nice simple fonts/ typography stuff -- been searching for a while...
triple post
^ sounds gay, lets do it
Don't be a raisin in the sun
Hey, Childtherapist - I just saw the post but I don't seem to have gotten a PM from you. I will send you one right away!
All sold!
Does anyone have issues with Boston USPS (specifically one on mass ave near symph) -- I've lost one international items shipping with them and another ??? ( which has never happened before) and now a shirt I shipped ended up in Honolulu when it should be in Cali yesterday - receipt says CA...
Oliver Spencer sweater
Just read through two weeks of waywt, never change guys Lots of fit here that look great and (fairly) inspiring and why I never get feedback either. I need my internet validation too!!
Thanks for the thumbs guys! and Bam!, yeah really happy about keeping it, love the tech-y fabric Parker's cool as aways and tween... if you're every getting rid of that jacket ( aka they're awesome ) - Hendrix, you look like you can do somethign really cool with your hair! AAAND back to work... getting more ambitious sucks sometimes
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