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or a lace going down the placket that leads to the cuff... think you should cut off the long strip at the pocket though, i feel like it'll be cleanerr
dude i'm glad you went thru with ^^^^ like you said. haha no plaid?
conceptually yes.. but i don't know
no one responded to bston meet up anyway is anyone interested in a thread where people post fashion drawings? I've been doing some of that which I've posted a bit in the past but I'm a little shy to make a thread (4) especially if people aren't really interested or willing to participate and I don't know if I really have the time to make it a worthwhile thread... I don't really know how to color in the pictures though so that might be a problem
lets do this
favorite from you!
holy shit tagutcows fit is the look of the day
Fits size S. Typically not a fan of surface to air but this shirt is stunning. Awesome details with what looks like MOP buttons. I have always gotten compliments with this shirt - unfortunately it no longer fits. Features a hidden placket.
Great shirt with super soft cotten, thick buttons, and awesome details. the color of the shirt is incredible as well but I am getting wider in terms of shoulder so this no longer fits me. I hope that it goes to someone that appreciates it! It will fit someone who is a typical small and a slightly looser fit for XS.
BoO Bubble Gum Colored Button down - Thick oxford cloth, typical BoO fit - Parting with this for 90 but I really like it to break up my large wardrobe of blue brown blacks and grays. Fits typical of Band of Outsiders. [[SPOILER]]
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