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yeah checked that once cause of some thread made by mafoo, thanks thoo, i thought no one was gonna figure that out
is there a site like styleforum for women? Or any place to learn about womens fashions
slster, don't have money for camera or lightroom so my friend had to edit it -- no choice hahaha, will keep that in mind for next time also ihateyousnow, too good
Damn, great fits -- I tried posting this on my other account but didn't work cause it's a new account ( mods please delete that post if it ever gets through) Thanks for looking
Damn thanks for the advice on Seanwes, looks good - I was mainly looking for web - perhaps as a logo Something very subtle would be great but I know nothing about fonts
Anyone know where I can find nice simple fonts/ typography stuff -- been searching for a while...
triple post
^ sounds gay, lets do it
Don't be a raisin in the sun
Hey, Childtherapist - I just saw the post but I don't seem to have gotten a PM from you. I will send you one right away!
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