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le sigh, can someone give me a summary of TOJ thread please and whats happening -- didn't check it in a couple months and Drew's not making jackets anymore?
I apparently had no idea that desk job meant desk jobs... I've been sitting on this chair at this for like 14 hours bro WHERE DID MY YOUTH GOand plain margielas without laces are nice
not sure if as interesting as leviathans wake but HERE GOES NOTHING
Does anyone know of any specific fashion opportunities in China, specifically shanghai?
nothing useful to say, but sick fit Nahn and T ( favorite from you )
lmao dude don't let leg opening stop you, pretty easy fix at a tailor if you know how wide you want it - I usually do 7.5 and it's worked with this pair of geller pants i bought that had a wide leg openin - stacks/ falls on shoes well
Mind letting us know how long lines were and what other items there were like?
i shop therefore i am
Individually PMed, thanks for inquiring!
So i've read that the fashion business is currently best for (as in most profit) in luxury clothes and very cheap clothes, basically the polar opposites. I haven't been interested in fashion for very long, but has it always been this way?
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