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Need to get this girl to leave me alone, unfortunately i think she is insane and she is a co-worker. I wouldn't normally mind but I have a girlfriend ( doing long distance ) -- and I confronted her about it prior how I have a gf and the flirting must stop so, she asked me if I wanted another one.Now I can't get her to leave me alone -- I've been ignoring her texts and such but now she wants to go talk it out again. WHAT DO I DO? About to switch work places... I am less...
haha, not sure what that says about me tho non fashion, anyone in shanghai rite now
i was looking for a pair of unique sunglasses and right there at the ssense was this i know that they're not for everybody but fortunately, my eyes are exactly shaped like these
Haven't bought anything online in forever, whats the sales tax thing like...?
repping class of '09 [[SPOILER]]
shit, i know i've been on the forum for forever but, how does one contact charly from TOJ and where is the product list
wow damn, but jeez that's fckn awesome that he able to pursue something he's been wanting to do for a long time ... might actually put in an order this time haha
le sigh, can someone give me a summary of TOJ thread please and whats happening -- didn't check it in a couple months and Drew's not making jackets anymore?
I apparently had no idea that desk job meant desk jobs... I've been sitting on this chair at this for like 14 hours bro WHERE DID MY YOUTH GOand plain margielas without laces are nice
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