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So.. who was here?
why are you screaming at him
they look more like Sambas than GATs cause of their soles, and honestly not that bad -- just probably not worth it at the price point. I think they'll look a lot better if they were not so boring
Thanks for the advice! It'll be a while till I get a chance to see them so it's just worrying at this point (no email responses either). Glad it went well for you and you have nice jawnz now so its all goodThanks! I just finished reading it -- got a lot more respect for Acne despite not really liking a majority of their clothes. Amazing how they started from scratch pretty much to 100 mil turnover - wonder what the profit margins are like hahaalso i think that was a...
Wow, surprised about Acne. Parker can you explain a bit on what they do as an ad agency and "providing services for clients" -- I could pm if this clutters the threadSidenote: going to be on a loong style stagnation since tuition is extra expensive this year, almost can't attend haha [[SPOILER]]
actually disagree, this looks pretty good on its own the fit of the sweater is loose but just slim enough that I think it works in this context
I just finished browsing almost all of sufu waywt, lots of good stuff but also can't figure out their standard for repping, w/e
why does sufu hate sf
can't figure out why I didn't receive financial aid this year even though i filled out required forms (fafsa - admitted right before the deadline) and as it stands I have no way to pay for college and need to sort this out immediate... pure frustration
Breezy, are those dita and thom browne and if you've had a chance to try them on and it fits your face right - YES
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