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can't figure out why I didn't receive financial aid this year even though i filled out required forms (fafsa - admitted right before the deadline) and as it stands I have no way to pay for college and need to sort this out immediate... pure frustration
Breezy, are those dita and thom browne and if you've had a chance to try them on and it fits your face right - YES
Long overdue, and forgive me if my attempt to revive this thread fails – it is nothing baller or rare or super cool. They’re the pants in this fit, don't have an individual picture: One of my favorite articles of clothing in my entire fashion career (lol) is a pair of dress/dressy pants from the last collection of +J in Fall of 2011. They marked my first pants purchase in two years that was not raw denim and helped me realize that I HATE RAW DENIM BUT SF SAID IT WAS...
kaffe 1668 -- great place to kick back for a bit with a nice coffee/ tea
Gonna check out Chinese designer Qiu Hao's store sometime this week here in Shanghai, hyped, especially after reading rosenrot's post on her blog http://www.qiuhaoqiuhao.com/about.html
So what kind of opportunities still lie in fashion these days? I thought about opening a consignment store one day to just be able to see awesome clothes get passed on to awesome people but that seems quite impossible now seeing that no one really wants to buy anything
i actually like this, and am i crazy for thinking a meshed shirt underneath would be pretty cool or
I might have to shave for that...Honestly, it's been a worry with me since I have no idea what I would do after. I don't think people are that crazy...but she might, shes told me in a casual conversation about how she's always got whatever she wanted in life -- so I am not sure what she will threaten to do -- and not sure what she wants from me either.
Need to get this girl to leave me alone, unfortunately i think she is insane and she is a co-worker. I wouldn't normally mind but I have a girlfriend ( doing long distance ) -- and I confronted her about it prior how I have a gf and the flirting must stop so, she asked me if I wanted another one.Now I can't get her to leave me alone -- I've been ignoring her texts and such but now she wants to go talk it out again. WHAT DO I DO? About to switch work places... I am less...
New Posts  All Forums: