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hoodyear , i think that could look cool w/ suspenders -- good fits today, here's me on a date w/ gf after 3 months and of course first thing i ask her to do it take a picture of me for the internet
last friday, USPS gave me back the pants that I shipped out six months ago to Australia but never got through and presumed lost... six months
The atheist shoe "Now Atheist have soles too!"
saw it at OC i think, looks pretty gaudy mang -- stick with the nonquilted
Sorry, don't want to hijack thread, but since your question is somewhat answered and we came upon the topic of recommendation letter, I have a question regarding how important a recommendation letter is. In addition, I have a weird situation right now where I am going back to school after an internship but the partner of the firm agreed to write a recommendation letter for me -- except there is no specific job that I am applying to. How should I ask him to phrase the...
yoo hendrix post a fit, i want to see some winter stuff
[[SPOILER]] these are beautiful
Thanks KOY, that looks pretty good but the triangles ( not sure what to call it ) are a lil big, i like the issey miyake one cause its small enough to almost look like texture if you know what i mean
pictures please Was going to put this on the to kop tread 2013, but realized i probably will never buy it but i feel like would work with a lot of what i have
^ shit... feel better brah
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