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I just ordered one of these yesterday, will update with info, but is been so much easier than going to the mattress store
Does anyone here know someone who does fashion curation (ugh, lacking of better word) and might interested in working on something?
Hey guys, I'm looking for a solid cashmere polo as a gift for my friend's dad since he hosted me when I was in Japan and I can't find a solid option under 300 dollars... can someone give me a few suggestions to some? I would really like to thank him and I noticed that he really liked wearing polos. Thanks guys! is pretty tasteless [[SPOILER]]
Photo no. 4:
Just Landed in tokyo, is anyone here / want to meet up? Also anyone has recommendations of things to do in the name of fashion? Originally just here for business so I didn't get a chance to do much research
looking sick guys, pants and boots below
Hahaha, both art right..?On the other hand, I wished Engineered Garments posts more stuff (in general)
Those unlined suede common projects is the shit for the summer, so breezy. Question: do people check fashunz company's social media for updates on products and what not?
^ those look absolutely beautiful but how long do you think they will last / can you wear out on the streets?
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