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A brand new suit from Paul Smith, 2 button. Suit color looks best with the picture on the hanger. No issues with it except that the button on the pants has been replaced (only issue that came with the suit). I originally bought this off SF at the same price but the size is way too big for me - I was hoping it fit more like a 38 than a 40, but this is pretty TTS. Great Suit at a great price. Also available in Boston but price will include shipping to US. Trousers: leg...
Thanks for that Razl, unfortunately I actually made a typo and the size of the shirt is 17-43, which in a way makes more sense.
BNWT dress shirt from Brioni. Never worn, tags still attached. Originally a gift for my father but ended getting him something else instead. I will upload my own photos later tonight but to get a picture of what the shirt is like, here's some stock images: Measurements: S2s (from back): 20 inches Chest (from front): 24.5 inches Sleeve (from shoulder seam): 24.5 inches I believe it's this one: BG Link. Founded in 1945 by Gaetano Savini and Nazareno Fonticoli, the first...
Sort of a random thing to post up here but I figured people might be interested. It's a low bed frame from West Elm in Chocolate colored wood. It's never been used or assembled - all the screws and other packages are still unopened. I did however unbox part of it. The reason that I never ended up using it is that I tend to move around a lot for my job and ended up forgetting. Got too lazy and used to keeping my mattress on the floor. LOCATED IN BOSTON, MA. I'd prefer to...
Brand new with tags - Bought about a year earlier and never had a chance to wear them. Raw indigo selvage jeans; 14.5 oz. Awesome fit. Too slim for me now that I've gotten fat. Let me know if you're interested. Pictures are from Selfedge's site. These never go on sale. They are unworn and unaltered. Shipping from NYC, shipping included to CONUS. Same as these: http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/denim/products/st100x-slim-leg-raw-indigo-denim
They're all rarely worn and are in great condition! Feel free to PM me if there's any questions. The width of these ties are about 3 inches wide. Discounts if you happen to purchase multiple. Brioni - 60 shipped in US and Canada - Photos were taken on my cellphone under pretty harsh lights so that's why sheen is so prevalent. I can shoot you other photos of it if necessary, but it's a deep midnight blue with gold & red paisley. Hermes Tie - 50 Shipped in US and...
Brand new with Box. These exact ones pictured below - low top versions. They've never been worn but probably tried on once or twice at home. Ships Thursday. They're going to be posted in ebay as well. Shipping from Boston but if you would like to have it shipped out of the US, shipping cost will be quoted as additional. Size 42. Fits US 9.
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I just ordered one of these yesterday, will update with info, but is been so much easier than going to the mattress store
Does anyone here know someone who does fashion curation (ugh, lacking of better word) and might interested in working on something?
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