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Just Landed in tokyo, is anyone here / want to meet up? Also anyone has recommendations of things to do in the name of fashion? Originally just here for business so I didn't get a chance to do much research
looking sick guys, pants and boots below
Hahaha, both art right..?On the other hand, I wished Engineered Garments posts more stuff (in general)
Those unlined suede common projects is the shit for the summer, so breezy. Question: do people check fashunz company's social media for updates on products and what not?
^ those look absolutely beautiful but how long do you think they will last / can you wear out on the streets?
Nah dude i think they're cool
from a couple months ago y-3 again, boston half marathon shirt (gf's), helmut lang, and hiking boots
if you shower with warm/hot water, it is really bad for the coating of the lenses (can get scratched easily)
Not really a great photo but the walls are amazing - carving on top of a door at a mosque in Fez: edit: realized it hard to see much cause it's down res...
Pious owner of a traditional handcrafts shop studies the Qur'an. Fashion in Marrakesh: Hooded man in jedi-esque contemplation in the middle of a bustling city: Curious but shy kid in the Medina (by far my favorite shot): Traditional Tannery (oldest in Marrakesh - lower res version): Lastly, this kitten dgaf (found him sleeping in a random alley - wish I could have taken him home): More to come but thanks for checking it out!
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