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I don't have experience with field other than stopping in his shop once to consider commissioning a suit. The shop has an excellent rep and if I lived in DC that is where I would go. In general the only cautions I would say about bespoke in general is make sure you find a very good tailor, which Fileld is suppose to be, as bespoke doesnt necessarily mean a better suit if you're use to a high-end OTR and end up working with an average tailor. Second, be particular about...
I've only commisisioned one suit from Huntsman (and from abroad) but it has been a long ordeal, nearing 3 years. My take is the firm has a lot of talent but it is not a smooth process right now, like a business going through growing pains or transitional pains. Perhaps they took on too much with all of these fashion partnerships. The process internally has just felt very disjointed like the left and right arm are not in sync. In some cases, big things have gone wrong...
ThThanks! Good luck. You will have a blast.
Personally, I'd buy a nice briefcase like the first pic of yours or maybe a ferragamo but then just get a canvass duffel bag for weekends. A leather duffel bag, particularly one with gold and two tone like the one you show is not a man bag.
Not sure what your budget is but Canali makes a nice tux for the money. Ralph Lauren was pretty sharp too. I believe both of these are around $1,500. While most of your wedding is in the evening and thus it should be considered an evening wedding, I wonder how much one needs to factor in the hour pictures are taken. It sounds like you'll be getting photos with your bride from 6pm to 7pm outdoors? Depending on lighting at 6pm I wonder if it will look like you are wearing...
colours work but i would lose the buckle.
Makes sense. Does she ever come to the States?Have you ever tried Alex?
You could fly to Torino Italy and have Mary Frittolini make your shirts;)
+1only other thing I see is the significant divot in the right sleeve.
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