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I've never cared for shawl myself. I prefer a peak lapel. Ralph Lauren black label makes a nice tux for about $2K as does Canali. I'm not sure if either is fused. Maybe you could get either on sale.
Yeah, I see a DB in my future too. mid gray chalk stripe maybe.
It seemed to be aimed at the fantasy football crowd.
here is a suit chris made for me last year for my wedding. I asked for a black peak lapel. never did take photos of the fittings.
Looking at Furosemide's pics makes me realize I need to lose weight. Man, what is your drop?
Suit looks great and good photos.
The best Sushi in San Francisco is across the Golden Gate bridge in Sausalito, an easy drive, at place named Sushi Ran. Your actor friends in LA typically make it their plan to go their when in town. In San Francisco, I have heard Sebo is good in Hayes Valley - supposedly their fish arrives daily from Japan's main three fish markets.
Didn't know that about Japan.
I'm not sure what your expectations are and how good the tailors in Sydney are, but i wouldnt say San Francisco has strong tailors. I've used Seymour's but the work is only so so. The other tailors are mainly made to measure. Definitely not worth going out of your way for in the short six months you are here. I would save your sartorial adventures for another city. If you like food though, you're in for a treat.
In my view its better to have one suit you love then two you don't. You might want to have a friend or someone see you in it before you but it just to be sure.
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