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Can't really tell from the photo
How much of a sale did you think you were going to get on RLPL? That usually runs well over $5K. Maybe you could do Paul Stuart M2M.
Not sure how English it is but I've read good things about Rizzo Tailor in Harvard Square. Not sure about the current price but a couple years ago I read his prices started at $1,500.
I agree. I definitely got that in my suit and you certainly can see it in furosemide's. i doubt you can get that from any RTW. The other thing I would add is the shoulder, which I think is even harder for even good tailors to do than the back.For example, right before I discovered Chris I commissioned a suit from Huntsman. Huntsman did a nice job with back getting that S you refer to, but they struggled with the shoulder. Stephen mentions it in his article, but Chris has...
I just googled that pic. That's an awesome suit!Thanks, Crimson. I would say Chris is very flexible. I never got the impression that he had a house style, and he certainly didn't approach me with a pre defined idea of how his suits uniformly look. It was more about getting to know me and my taste, what I would be wearing the suit for, and him understanding what would flatter me best. One of the things I discovered in Chris pretty quickly is he has a very good eye and a...
I just mean that the group of guys they highlighted reminded me of friends who meet up for their weekly fantasy football of baseball picks, with the jocular competition and ripping on each other. It made for fun documentary but one that was not that informative about wine or the grid.
It's a good question. i guess i would say, posters are more efficient than paintings but I prefer paintings. For me suits are the same. Also, I'm not sure machines can do everything better. For example, a well worked shoulder or a soft roll on the lapel may require hand work?
This is the XL sea master. Great watch but probably too big for a suit.
This is my favorite Omega.
I like Omega myself. You can get a very nice Omega for $5K if you shop smart. You could probably get a nice IWC online for that price but I think you get more for your money with Omega. Personally, I've never liked Rolex.
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