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Well then, at least I got the expensive part right and the full canvass part. Do you know who makes the last pic?
Let me start by saying I know relatively little about this stuff but I'm guessing the expensive suits are #4 and the last one. Is the last one Rubinacci? Not sure who made #4 but while it could probably close a little better in the front, it appears bespoke by the way it fits the chest and the way it countours a bit. I would guess that is a full canvass suit. # 2 I'm guessing is a zegna OTR. #3 and and #6 look cheap. Not sure about #1 but probably relatively cheap OTR.
Buttons are a detail I notice, though I hear even A&S uses plastic buttons.
Good question for Despos or JeffryD. I agree, it makes the suit look much worse. A couple of my suits suffer from this and it drives me nuts.
Another option is to buy an OTR shirt that you like and simply have it altered by a local tailor. Just make sure you bring the coat you plan to wear with it so they can ensure the shirt sleeve is fitted to it right.
I would have rather had the suit they advertised than the one they sent you. I liked the weave as it made it more interesting. I'm not a color expert but I wonder if a pink blazer is really right for you. Something to think about. The reason I say this is in looking at your photos, especially the last one, the pink exaggerates the red in your face to an extreme. I think an Italian guy, like the ones you see in Kiton and Brioni ads, can pull off a pink blazer because they...
Whatever you do don't become one of those guys who wears baseball caps with their suits. I use to see these guys in DC a lot and it usually was because they were balding and wanted to hide it. If you are balding, no big deal, just accept it and dress sharp IMHO.The suit looks good. Might be a little tight in the back but your tailor can fix that. Also you have too much shirt cuff showing. You want about a half inch of cuff to show. Fixing that may be more about the shirt...
not sure if these are any good but...'jones'_trim_fit_three_piece_suit:688503&cm_pla=suits/sets/wardrobers:men:3_piece_sets&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=e3a09529-ffd9-11e2-a969-001b2166c2c0
As long as you aren't crunched for time, I would be inclined to save a little more and go with Chan.
Given your price point and short timeframe, I would be inclined to go OTR and have it altered at a good tailors.
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