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I've been working with Dario and Johnny. Nice guys and very professional in person. Just been a painful long distance process. They're about to ship my suit again in the next week so we'll see if it arrives right this time. who did you work with?
I think a reasonable question to ask is whether one is better off buying an off the peg suit from an established designer (and all the work they put into it) and then having it altered or going to an unestablished made to measure service who promises the perfect fit but has little of the expertise of the established designer. It may be wiser to shop around the different brands and see which model fits you best (shoulders, sleeves, button stance etc) and then have it fitted...
Well, as you are finding out, commissioning m2m and custom clothing is a learning experience. From my untrained eye, I would agree with Jimmy's comments. There is much to improve in your first suit from that company. You should post it in the tailor's thread and get a professional critique.
Thank you. These are incredibly clear and succinct answers. Heck, I even understood them, I think; One question I still have is how do you make sure the shoulder line lays clean throughout standing and sitting given that the shoulders can pitch forward so much when seated? It seems like standing and sitting, therefore, can present two very different shoulder shapes and I wonder how a shoulder line can remain consistent through both positions? Alex
Don't really know but a couple of members had a few theories in this thread below. Over at the LL Despos, Shattuck and Logsdail all weighed in with a good analysis of why dimples occurred on one of my suits but unfortunately the LL seems to have deleted that discussion. It was very technical and I can't recall too clearly the explanations.
Don draper has better taste then Jon Hamm that is for sure. Hamm's suits look terrible and what's with the box of cigarettes in the front pocket? I assume that is what it is.
looks good. nice buy.
My experience with Huntsman is they emphasize a natural shoulder line but do use some padding. I'm not sure they are dogmatic about it though or that they have a universal approach. Throughout my fittings, I noticed the tailor has decided to change the shoulder a bit. Initially it had quite a bit of padding and very high roping (almost approaching Maurice Sedwell) but he later chose to reduce the padding and lessen the severity of the roping fairly significantly for a more...
I'm inclined to agree that fit is the most important element followed by the cloth, as I usually notice fit first and cloth second. Maybe it is in my imagination but I tend to notice the fit of the shoulders on a suit and it seems most cheap suits have bad shoulders, like too much padding or just an unnatural look to them. I've certainly seen bespoke suits that also have relatively poor shoulders but if the shoulders look really good and very well fitted to the owner,...
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