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Just contact Chris directly and he can give you prices. Prices reflect his quality. Definitely best in Midwest and most would agree he stands at the top with only a small hand full of others in the US as the very best. I've found his work to be better then what I've gotten from Savile Row.As for color, gray would be wise. You won't get as much use out of black outside the wedding unless you attend a lot if evening functions. After gray I would consider dark blue.
Thank you Svenn. I wouldn't say I feel it is too striking, though I wouldn't wear it if I just wanted to blend into a meeting or something. It's a power suit but because it is still fundamentally natural and well proportioned it works very well without seeming costume like.I'm not sure I would want all my suits cut this way, but I'm glad I have at least one.
This is what I would say about Huntsman based on my experience. . . Quality and construction is first rate. Excellent sewing, finishing and trim. There are a few notable characteristics to my huntsman suit and experience. First, my suit contains a heavier canvas, so even though I chose an 11 oz cloth the suit is very heavy. Much heavier then the italian style suits I am use to. I will say that the heavier construction is growing on me and I appreciated wearing it when I...
Thanks, I'll try Ritual. There is a great little cofffee shop on ritchie street in SOMA named Cento that serves Blue Bottle. I use to like Peets but find it too burnt now and believe the company has gotten too big at the expense of quality.
If it feels too tight in the chest then that speaks for itself. They can adjust the measurements to get it all right for the next one. In general, you should have them make the first shirt before moving on to the rest for this very reason.
Any thoughts on who makes the best cup of coffee in San Francisco? Four barrel is good but I find it too light..
You're better off with an OTR then that one sad to say. I agree, the shoulders and upper back are way too big. Hopefully you didn't pay too much and I would look at as as an educational experience.
NYC is right up the street, and I hear Christian Garcia in FL is the real deal.
My most comfortable suit is definitely my Despos. Within OTR though, I would say I have found the neapolitan brands like Isia or Kiton to be the most comfortable. Very light with great range of movement in the arm and shoulder. I don't buy them because at their price I mine as well go bespoke. I recall asking the sales person why Isia was so much more comfortable than Zegna and he explained that they have a high armhole and a larger sleeve eased into a smaller...
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