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Quote: Who Does Huntsman style M2M / Entry Level Bespoke? Satan. By the way, has Huntsman recovered from the buy-out discussed in Richard Anderson's new book?
In the January 2010 issue of Esquire, we are treated to an article titled "Gentlemen, May We Introduce You to the Shirt & Tie?" Not a bad piece, but on p. 105 we are shown a photo to illustrate how to "pin down your patterns." They say: Quote: Wrestling with multiple patterns can be a tough way to start the day, but one way to simplify your options is to take color out of the equation altogether. Black-and-white dots set against black-and-white stripes...
How could I have forgotten Ben of Silver? Great bow ties there.
Brooks Brothers has a nice solid, conservative collection as does J. Press. Beau Ties Ltd probably has anything else you might need.
At what cost, sir ... AT WHAT COST?! What do I pitch to make room for the knits? I could perhaps add them to my bank of solids for the rotation , but I already have about 15 of those.
Quote: Can you post some pics of all the ties together? That might well be one bridge too far for the wife. If I get some time alone around the house some day and remember to do that, I'll click and post.
Quote: Your list is meaningless unless you put it into spreadsheet form. Oh, don't think I haven't! The ties, tailored clothes, casual wear, shoes ... all in various MS Excel worksheets in a single sartorial file. And it is a glorious electronic thing! And one interesting thing about the Royal Navy tie. Last week, I noticed that John Stewart was wearing that very tie on The Daily Show. Had it on DVR so I froze the frame and double-checked the...
Thanks for the kind words re the choices. It feels ridiculous to plan this all out to such an extent, but my experience has been that - if you don't - you end up with an ill-considered collection of ties that fall short in all kinds of ways. And since I want to spend my money efficiently, I want to make sure that the $130 I spend on tie x couldn't have been better spent on tie z ... and that the ties I buy will get their fair share of wear. I'm not an archivist dammit...
As part of my recent sartorial awakening, I’ve had to toss the bulk of my gaudy Robert Talbott ties (the foundation of my old necktie rotation) and start anew. This is not a light financial or aesthetic undertaking, but it is an interesting intellectual exercise. I thought I would share with you how one man has strategically reconstructed his tie wardrobe from (near) scratch. I have decided on a one-month rotation. Since my workplace is afflicted with the infernal...
Yeah, we can't have that.
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