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That was the price quoted to me last fall when Alan & Friends were in DC for a trunk show. For what it's worth, his shop is now staffed with what appear to be topless waitresses from the nearby Manhattan Hooters.
$4,200 for bespoken two piece suit with average cloth.
And while I'm on the topic, pp. 106-7 tell us about the glories of spread collars. The photo used to illustrate the point, however, simply illustrates that the editors are free-basing crack during office hours. The collar on this guy is so small as to be virtually non-existant ... which is made doubly-bad by the fact that the guy's face is fairly big and round. Mr. No-Collar is wearing a striped shirt, a pin striped suit, and a paisley tie. Nothing wrong with that....
Quote: Who Does Huntsman style M2M / Entry Level Bespoke? Satan. By the way, has Huntsman recovered from the buy-out discussed in Richard Anderson's new book?
In the January 2010 issue of Esquire, we are treated to an article titled "Gentlemen, May We Introduce You to the Shirt & Tie?" Not a bad piece, but on p. 105 we are shown a photo to illustrate how to "pin down your patterns." They say: Quote: Wrestling with multiple patterns can be a tough way to start the day, but one way to simplify your options is to take color out of the equation altogether. Black-and-white dots set against black-and-white stripes...
How could I have forgotten Ben of Silver? Great bow ties there.
Brooks Brothers has a nice solid, conservative collection as does J. Press. Beau Ties Ltd probably has anything else you might need.
At what cost, sir ... AT WHAT COST?! What do I pitch to make room for the knits? I could perhaps add them to my bank of solids for the rotation , but I already have about 15 of those.
Quote: Can you post some pics of all the ties together? That might well be one bridge too far for the wife. If I get some time alone around the house some day and remember to do that, I'll click and post.
Quote: Your list is meaningless unless you put it into spreadsheet form. Oh, don't think I haven't! The ties, tailored clothes, casual wear, shoes ... all in various MS Excel worksheets in a single sartorial file. And it is a glorious electronic thing! And one interesting thing about the Royal Navy tie. Last week, I noticed that John Stewart was wearing that very tie on The Daily Show. Had it on DVR so I froze the frame and double-checked the...
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