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Better than Steve Jobs' jeans and black turtleneck. It would seem that the man has nothing else. Yeah, he's a rebel Dotty!
Just because I'm willing to spend $150 on a tie does not mean that money is no object. The four-week rotation is largely there as a matter of financial self discipline. Without it, I just keep spending. And we can't have that ... not if I'm going to get a new pair of Gaziano & Girling shoes this year! There is also a sartorial benefit here. If I am wearing 16 ties that best suit my taste and style, then a one month rotation allows me to wear the best without anyone...
A lecture extolling the virtues of Phil Collins is an act of unspeakable violence!
That f*cking sit-com did more to kill classical men's style than anything else I can think of. It took out the classic navy blazer, the ascot .... damn!
Quote: Solid black? How do you use that? A powder blue shirt and solid black tie goes with absolutely everything. Everything! You can also wear it with a pink shirt and grey suit. Or a white shirt and copper camel hair jacket. Or white shirt and marine blue, royal blue, or french blue suit. Easier to ask, "how can't you use that"? If you're too put-off by the funereal connotations of a solid silk black tie, try...
WOW! Those Chans look pretty damn Huntsman to me! So there's you're answer. Chan.
Sure - Ben Silver, Drakes, Ben Silver, Drakes, and Brooks Brothers respectively. Of course, you already knew that, didn't you? Four other ties are struggling to find their way into my rotation and I'm having a hard time keeping them out. This orange & blue foulard is surprisingly sharp with either blue or grey suits. And these two repp ties (the Sherwood Foresters regimental - perfect for my midnight blue suit - and the 11th Hussars regimental and the Queen's Royal...
There's a photo floating around here somewhere of a guy in a charcoal grey chalk stripe suit, a wider-striped navy on white shirt, and a navy blue bow tie with polka dots. It is hands-down the most sophisticated look I have ever seen. I've been reproducing that combo in general terms ever since. Another great look is charcoal grey chalk stripe, a tighter-striped shirt, and a block repp tie. Both Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart wore that combo in The Philadelphia Story...
Yeah, the fitting rooms are wild!
Cornish Countrywear ... for the well-dressed farmer.
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