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Quote: I'm not sure I know what Brioni quality is, but are you saying you can replicate the quality + a perfect fit, with the caliber fabrics of a 6K Brioni suit for 2K? If so, where? Joseph Centofanti in Philidelphia could almost certainly produce a Brioni clone - or something better - and he's $2,700 with standard cloth. Make him get equivalent cloth and the price goes up, but certainly not to $6k. Google him - many consider him one of the best.
Don't remember. He was a younger guy ... looked like in his late 20s.
What about juggling clowns? How many of those?
Popped over to the Neiman-Marcus store in McLean, Virginia yesterday to pick up a few shirts. Struck out on that mission, but while I was there, I tried on a Brioni for the first time in my life. Wow. They had a double-breasted midnight blue with royal blue chalk stripes that looked just stunning. And it fit awful damn nice to boot. The salesman told me that the design was a joint collaborative effort between Brioni and Neiman-Marcus for the U.S. market. He's sold...
Will Boehlke makes the standard case for the black tie here. Simon Crompton offers his own twist here via his "Italian Background Theory." Yesterday I wore a black tie with a pink shirt and an Oxford grey suit. No comments in the office about undertakers. The week before it was black grenadine, copper-colored camel hair coat, and mid-grey wool slacks. Again, did not suggest the graveyard. Free your mind man! Now, bring on the dancing Hermes poodles (or whatever).
I need some OTR shirts - spread collar, 120+/2 broad cloth (preferably) or end-on-end. Thinking about Ben Silver. Any thoughts about the quality of their shirts? And if not Silver, who? I don't want to spend more than $150 per shirt. Would order custom, but alas, I am short of time at the moment. Need the shirts pronto!
Quote: Smacking one's kids around is not contemptible if they have merited it by their misbehavior. OK Mr. Santini, have it your way - wearing the regimental tie of the 11th Hussars - which no longer even exists - is worse than physically assaulting your children, at least if - in your judgment anyway - they have it coming. Check. Quote: Outright theft transcends being merely contemptible. It is criminal Yes - something can be...
Well ... thanks unjung! But I would trade all of those ties for just one of his suits (well, were they in my size anyway). In a heart beat!
Thoroughly contemptible? You have a rather low threshold for disgust. What gradations of disgust are left for acts a bit north of mine - say, smacking one's kids around, outright theft, material misrepresentations, etc.? My hat, however, is off to you and your 100+ ties.
Quote: Restricting oneself to a set of rather conservative ties "might" (just might) limit him from many other occasions. I love wearing ties (yes I really do), but I would not wear those ties to a casino, family Christmas party. Agreed. This is an office rotation that I offer. If you re-read the original post, you'll see that I've left my ties for garden parties, bachelor parties, Capitals hockey games, dates with my mistress, dinner's with my...
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