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Quote: Perhaps you could post some pictures with you wearing the tie. I'd like to see the check on check especially. I have no idea what AA/esky is but Im doubtful. OK, that would be a nice project. We can vote on the best combo. Won't be for a while though. I'm on the road for business at the moment. The sketch that inspired my interested in check-on-check can be found by scrolling three-quarters of the way down or so in this London Lounge post. ...
Quote: Nothing tones a tie down more than a white shirt and a dark, solid suit. I tend to disagree. Quiet neutrals around a loud tie draws the eye toward ... the loud tie. It's like white walls in art gallery. If the idea is to say, "hey - check out my cool tie!" then the white shirt, grey suit will certainly do that. Hence, it accentuates the tie, it doesn't tone it down. Quote: Check on a check shirt will be terribly ugly. Plain...
This Drakes tie I just got in the mail last week is the bomb. But I worry that it's a bit much for a plain mid-grey or charcoal grey suit and solid white shirt. I suspect that I need a patterned shirt to tone it down. I am inclined towards a checked shirt. Conventional wisdom would suggest a small check. If so, how small? And what about color? Should I go for a light grey check, a black check, or throw in a harmonizing color like a light blue check? A striped...
I have blue & ecru and maroon & silver gingham ties, both of which look pretty much like this. What sort of patterned shirt can I wear with these ties? An equally small pattern on the shirt would likely hurt my eyes. That suggests a larger pattern is in order. But what? And if I wanted to triple-pattern with a moderately spaced chalk stripe suit, what suggestions might you have? Or should one abandon all hopes of patterned shirts with these sorts of ties?
Quote: I'm not sure about white bucks, but other light-colored clothing would be excellent. Why not the bucks? Are you anti-buck or anti-resort-wear-in-February-buck?
I'm going to a Palm Beach resort for a couple of weeks next Thursday. I believe that one can safely wear white (and other light colors) when at a beach resort during the winter, but I thought I'd check to make sure it does not violate the "no white after Labor Day" rule. So, can one bring the white linen pants, the white bucks, etc? Or are they best left at home until summer?
Not all of the ties they've put on sale are promoted on the four-page "sale ties and bows" part of the webpage. Others seemed to be scattered around - you'll simply notice the lower price if you click on the tie and get lucky. I found a couple I liked this way and they're being boxed as we speak. Love the Drake.
Quote: Is this the colour you were thinking of Yes. Quote: It works well in linen. Yes it does. But can you wear that color (or something close to it) in heavier wool during cold weather months?
So what would we call that color? Air Force blue?
Here's Luca di Montezemolo in a royal blue. Here's Luca with a fellow on the left in a royal blue. Another shot of Luca and "the man in the royal blue suit". Yann Debelle de Montby in maybe something just a smidge darker than the standard royal blue but close enough that I think it counts. These all look pretty good to me. These are royal blue suits, aren't they? Or have I got the wrong color? Of course, I just might be tasteless.
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