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Quote: The fact is, I find the notion that changing any part of a suit makes it "contemporary" to be perfectly absurd. I also reject the idea that sticking to classic rules means everyone has to dress alike. To the contrary, buttoning at the waist means high-waisted men wear high-waisted jackets and low-waisted men wear low-waisted jackets. That's the whole point. The Agents in The Matrix wore the same suit of the same cut, even though they had different...
I say "middle of the road" because, as I understand it, Poole's shoulders and chest are a bit structured but not too structured. As my local cutter put it, Poole is about half-way between A&S and Huntsman on most dimensions and as much a standard for traditional British-style suit as one might want. Wrong Vox?
Quote: By citing Poole as your boundary examplar for modesy of shape, you encompassed nearly everything ever posted on StyleForvm. Quite an feat! You've obviously dwelt here longer than I, so if you could spell out what that means exactly, that would be great. I'm pretty sure, however, that you didn't mean that in a good way - for me or for SF. Regardless, I'm not sure I meant to suggest that Poole was the best exemplar of modest shape. I meant...
I've dropped by unannounced three times now. No problem.
It seems as if half of you think that no silhouette can be too strong for tasteful dress. The other half don't believe in tasteful dress (at least, as I defined it in my OP) at all. Is that fair?
Foo wrote: Quote: Try visiting the midwest. Even 99% of suit-wearing Chicago is clothed in Jos. A. Bank--and very few men in Chicago wear suits. I sometimes attend conferences in Chicago where I run into 300 or so relatively important local businessmen, investors, and whatnot. THESE guys are amazingly well dress relative to Foo's crowd. Last time I hit one of those conferences, about a third of the guys had bow ties on for Christ's sake. Lots of...
Manton wrote: Quote: Americans are used to the sack, though it is quite rare these days. I think it depends upon where you are. In DC, J. Press suits are pretty common. And they seem to have a hold on a number of Ivy League grads I know.
Quote: Is this jarring? My tailor has never made anything this waisted before. To my eyes, no.
Quote: The classic British silhouette has shape and lots of it. The A&S look, that is the drape, is not the classic English look. Of course. I'm not saying one shouldn't wear suits with shape. Otherwise, I'd post a pic of a J. Press suit and say - Here! I'm saying that one ought to be leery of too much shape. Quote: The thing about being understated as a statement of taste is a middle class obsession not a upper class one. The British...
Quote: I'm glad someone out there is finally able to tell me what I should want and why it is the best choice. I would hate my look not to be optimal. Glad to oblige Fuuma!
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