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Pretty nice. Shouldn't have dismissed Omega's so quickly; I am only familiar with the Speedmaster and the rest of their tech line. A bit too expensive for me though.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure "gold-plated" is the only way I can swing this.
Not wild about the Omega's for the office. Nice watches though.Yeah, it's a wish list, but I'm willing to be flexible. I'll trade yellow gold for the pink gold. I'll punt on the crocodile band as long as I switch out the band I'm stuck with. And I'm sure not wed to $6k. If I can get that watch for less, then it's all good.Now, God-help-me for offering this thought given how I gather Baume & Mercier are felt about around here, but I quite like this watch from an...
Fixed. You're right. Other edits also tendered to sharpen the criteria.
This would be easy for me if money were no object; Patek Phillipe. But alas, it is, and I could use some advice. Short of the ideal, these are my criteria: 1.
Yeah, I discovered those too. Not quite the color I'm looking for. I AM getting a pair of cords in that color though for the fall.
You wouldn't think it would THAT hard to find them OTR, but I've been looking around and can't find a damn thing. In a perfect world, they would be flat front without belt loops (tabs or sliders). I can of course bespoke them, but I just can't bring myself to lay out that kind of money for casual trousers. Anybody know where I can get them? If you're on the hunt, I wear 34 x 32.
Sorry, been away from the thread, but I wanted to pick this issue up.There is a school of thought that the long, lean cut without a flair at the skirt or heavy waist suppression makes one look thin. If that's what you want your coat to do, then fine. The waist suppression and flaired skirt helps buff up your chest and make you look muscular. Decide for yourself what you want your coat to do.
Fully canvassed, huh? Would never have guessed they sell fully canvassed coats. But what about the combo at issue - charcoal grey flannel sport coat, mid-grey (lookls like herringbone) slacks?
FWIW, the coat and trousers are from Dolce & Gabbana, which surprises me because both look quite good and I'm not used to paying that company much particular mind.
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