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I'm thinking "nay," but ... black ties work well with blue suits. Why wouldn't a black turtleneck do the same? One might argue the need for contrast, but Flusser in "Dressing the Man" makes a good case for monochrome and less-contrasting looks in his chapter on business casual. What do you guys think?
I want to commission a 2B Cambridge Grey business suit for the summer. It needs to be able to stand up to some serious humidity (given that I live in the nation's swamp) and I hate wrinkling. So do I use fresco or crepe to do this job? I've never had a suit in either.
Today I commssioned a double breasted, midnight blue barathea, 12 oz. dinner jacket from Lesser's formal wear book. Turns out that my tailor - William Field - tells me that the the corded silk lapel facing I want is only produced in black these days, so black it shall have to be. My question; what should I do with regards to the bow tie? Should it be black gosgrain (matching the lapel facing) or midnight blue (matching the coat)? My instinct is "black," but I'm sure...
Thanks to this thread (and your help in knocking some sense into me), I'm down to three choices: A 1963 Omega Seamaster deville A Georg Jensen (model 318) The aforementioned Ole Mathiesen Leaning toward the Omega. Thoughts?
Thanks for the guidelines. VIntage would be great. Buy at a discount, get patina - what's not to like?
True enough.regarding the band. And I'm having second thoughts about the gold. I like silver or SS better (I've got salt & pepper hair and have always gravitated to silver rather than gold because I think it looks better on me), but had the impression that gold was dressier on a watch. Upon reflection, I'm not sure that's true. Is it?
Of course, if I want to go quartz, I can always save a lot of money and go with Ole Mathiesen. Note the watch with the black croc band and roman numerals.
Pretty nice. Shouldn't have dismissed Omega's so quickly; I am only familiar with the Speedmaster and the rest of their tech line. A bit too expensive for me though.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure "gold-plated" is the only way I can swing this.
Not wild about the Omega's for the office. Nice watches though.Yeah, it's a wish list, but I'm willing to be flexible. I'll trade yellow gold for the pink gold. I'll punt on the crocodile band as long as I switch out the band I'm stuck with. And I'm sure not wed to $6k. If I can get that watch for less, then it's all good.Now, God-help-me for offering this thought given how I gather Baume & Mercier are felt about around here, but I quite like this watch from an...
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