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Seems to me that if you plan on wearing a sweater under your hypothesized tweed odd jacket, you should account for that when you're first measured for the thing. How many of you guys do that? I constantly find that coats tailored without that consideration never work very well if at all with sweaters. But ... If you're going to wear that " sweater-ized coat" without a sweater, it may well be Ryan-esque on you. My problem is that I am only likely to wear a sweater under...
Nice interview. All that I might add is that Will is a devotee of "rock-of-eye" cutting. That always impresses me. I've commissioned a number of garments from Will over the past few years: a midnight blue double-breasted dinner jacket (Lessers), a black mohair, single-button peak lapel suit (Dormeuil Tonik), a double-breasted marine blue chalk stripe (Anglia); a Cambridge grey three-button suit (Lessers Superfine Tropical); a light Prince of Wales three-button suit with...
No, I understand the distinction. In fact, the aforementioned Die, Workwear! post specifically notes that Rubinacci likes the 3/2 roll and had a wrack of them waiting for customers for further work.I agree with you Chris.Agreed. The "hard three" is what I commission and what I wear.
Perhaps. I'm 6' ft tall - right at your line of demarcation - with long limbs and am reasonably slender.
Yesterday at "Die, Workwear!", this caught my eye: "Rubinacci only makes coats with one or three  buttons. Mariano, the current proprietor of the house, is adamantly against two-button designs. To him, a three-button achieves a closer fit and looks more elegant, and single button is just practical. But a two-button? It does neither. You’ll never find a two-button Rubinacci jacket because he refuses to make them". This reminded me of a similar riff by Hardy Amies in "The...
Just to wrap this little mystery story up, said sweater was purchased at Malo in Aspen. What a tremendous store!
And what is "TSE"?
Want a white, a grey, and a black in 100%, glorious cashmere. Can't find them anywhere. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?
$60 for a Uniglo cashmere sweater? I'm suspicious.
You'd think this would be an easy item to find, but alas, none of my go-to sources (Paul Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Bros., Sierra Trading Post, BlueFly) have anything like this. I can't abide mocks, shawls, buttons, or zippers, but could perhaps go down to merino wool if cashmere is impossible to find. Any suggestions?
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