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"Off the Record" at the Hay Adams on Friday, March 18, at 5:00 pm. I'll be wearing the DB Field suit posted earlier, so you'll have a visual anchor.
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty The shoulders look a little odd... are they very heavily structured? Or were you perhaps standing with your shoulders a bit hunched when the photo was taken? They are very heavily structured, yes. Too heavily structured. That's one reason among several that has kept me from going back to English-American.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI You could pull off the Roger Sterling look easily if you wanted. I'd look into it. I'd also look into that jacket as it seems a bit tight. It has been so suggested. It's where I usually go, but the vest is only rare thing for me. Jacket fit passed the "William Field test" a month or so ago when I asked him to look it over, so it's probably just my stance / posture.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thin White Duke Never done Trad before, here's my shot: Membership has its priveleges! BB cotton sack blazer Tyrwhitt tie Bachrach shirt (sorry I hate button downs! Does that DQ me?) J Press PS BB Milano chinos Florsheim bucks Goddammit people, no red ties with red pants!! Stop it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix I am dressing in the spirit of the challenge today, but this is NOT an official entry. Spoo, please don't include me in the poal--lest I be open to accusations of slanting things in my favor. BB 3/2 sack 3-patch blazer BB OCBD J Press wool tartan tie BB khakis, turned up Target argyle socks Nettleton shell tassel loafers Best-executed trad yet. You should have entered.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker How does Spoo do trad? In a goddamn peak lapel purple corduroy jacket with crystal bug cufflinks you bitches!!! *totally kidding, this is not an entry and I love you guys. *scuse the mess in the kids room- Mrs. Spoo is on another European gig, so I'm left to my own devices, which don't include picking up toys or a proficient knowledge of my self timer app. The looks is great, but what...
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD NO Trad. Variation on a Theme Great look! Just great! Great great great. Now, is this an odd jacket or a liberated suit coat?
"In the US, it is a well-established and I believe very Trad thing to wear Brooks Bros. Alden tassel loafers with suits." Crusty's right about that. A good argument against Trad by the way.
Not going for the trad bake-off today, largely because the coat is very English and not at all "trad." It's casual Friday at the office, mid-50s and partly cloudy. So we get a study in blue and brown. Excuse the full-shot pose in which I stand with a ridiculously pronounced swish - there's only so many photos I can ask the admin asst. to take to get this right and I'm not yet used to this sort of thing, so you get what you get. Blazer - MTM from English-American in...
A very good color for spring and summer. Navy would be better for the colder months. But you should have different blazers for different seasons, so do it.
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