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By the way, it just now occurred to me that Manton's book in part makes the case for dressing as "dandily" as one reasonably can get away with in a given environment. If so, what gives with tonight's argument for CBD (however defined)? Manton, have you had a change of heart since you published your book, a change of style, or did I misunderstand you low those years ago when I first picked up The Suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I really despise colored and patterned linen squares, leaving only solid white, which I don't want to wear all the time. But you'll wear solid light blue shirts all the time. You're an idiosyncratic one, aren't you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri I don't know if what you said is true but I think it is irrelevant. I wouldn't prioritize construction over aesthetics. I would. Fit is first. Everything else follows. If it doesn't fit well, no cool-eo aesthetics will save the piece. But if it fits, even the plainest thing will look smashing. See Cary Grant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Sigh. I hate to explain jokes but ... the original CBD threads were ... jokes! Everyone has forgottent the troll Kasper/Joseph K. Bank. But he was prolific at the time and the threads were inspired by his schtick. This thread is not a joke, or at least not intented to be. I really did wear this to work. I work in a conservative place. Suit & tie every day. No casual Friday. My boss even wears his jacket in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I think it's funny that I was (as far as I know) the first to assert this on any forum and it provoked a furor. I cited it only as an ancient rule, FWIW, not something that has to be followed today, or that I follow. Though I mostly used to. Not because of the rule but because I didn't like derbies. I don't get this. The Italians wear brown with everything. I don't think the rule is ancient at all. I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI You're confusing CBD with UCBD. Don't think so. Manton skewers UCBD in some epic thread I can't be bothered to locate at the moment, and rightly so. IIRC, UCBD is dressing to show no originality, no individuality, nothing that might raise even the slightest eye-brow ... absolutely nothing that might draw attention to one's self. In short, fade into the background style to the greatest extent possible. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Pls help me find a RED trench/rain coat. Looking for a knee length mid weight/removable liner. Budget is appr $600. Flat or flap pockets would also be a plus(flat/flap vs the "vertical" style pocket that you see on many trenches.) No belts needed but will consider.....I'm in NY! Tks in adv... That would make us accomplices to this crime. I will not help you. Ask Satan. I'm sure he's selling on discount.
Tan suits are a no-go at night, particularly inside a casino. Don't do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by vncrz I would have never considered chukka boots or pebblegrain leather to be CBD, much less both together… great look however, keep the experiment going! Well, let's be holier than the Pope, shall we? The shoes simply do not comport with conservative office style. First, they are brown. Black is the only appropriate office dress in the city. Many references could be cited, but I'll flag Nicholas Storey's History...
Update - My tailor, William Field, will likely be by at around 6:00 pm to join us for drinks. Sign up here if you intend to be there.
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