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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I think you still do not understand the purpose of this thread. It's not a threat about absolute CBD or CBD on the Kelvin scale. Let's think of it more as CBD relative to the current state of WAYWRN. Gotcha. Objections then are withdrawn. "Conservative" is a relative term - conservative compared to what? For what it's worth, my "Kelvin scale" definition of CBD would be: * Plain blue or grey worsted...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I didnt think there was much else to do with this SC, aside from something red/orange which would have been too bright. What would you have paired with this SC then? Navy blue would work fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt You really shouldn't match colors so closely. It gives that Neiman Marcus mannequin look. Agreed. You shouldn't try to match the tie with any of the colors in that coat. It strikes one as way too matchy-matchy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot I like everything except the pink. Just a color I'm not too into, but that's only personal preference. The big picture seems correct in my mind. Agreed. Pink tie = not CBD. It's likewise well outside of the range of classic men's style, a somewhat less restrictive category than CBD.
Think of it this way; you want to dress in a manner that is harmoneous with your environment. That's why you wear lighter colors in the summer and darker colors in the winter, etc. So what is the environment like in a casino at night? This is easy - it calls for black or midnight blue. You want to go dark.
I will be frozen in complex gases. Hence, I want to wear something classic and conservative so that, when I'm thawed-out, I will be good to go. Pic & Pic navy suit, white pinpoint shirt (medium spread point), black grenadine tie, and white linen pocket square. I will emerge as a cross between James Bond and Cary Grant and I shall rule the sartorial world.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri Two things: 1) Construction (workmanship) isn't the same as fit. Aesthetics includes fit. 2) Depending upon the individual's measurements and skill of the measurer, MTM can appear to fit as well as fully custom garments. I agree with this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Moo - While a fun outfit, I think a few subtle things take away from it being an uber CBD outift. 1) The texture of the tie as something a bit more flat would have worked better. 2) The lavender overcheck in the suit as it's tough for me to associate any shade of pink or purple with CBD. 3) The fold of the square has a bit too much flair and the colors stand out a bit. I first wrote something...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo What does the thread think? Very, very nice! But CBD? Lots of unconservative things here if by that we mean "things one hardly ever sees in the office." Genadine ties are hardly ever seen. Pocket squares are hardly ever seen. Spread collars are perhaps not quite as endangered but still not common. The rig's not inappropriate or foppish - don't get me wrong - but it's probably not conservative. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot To me, it just sounds like they're just two different philosophies. I imagine that Manton, like anyone, can do both in a given week, but he wouldn't when he goes to the office which is essentially what this thread is about. Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod I got the impression that CBD depends on context - type of business, principal vs peon, young vs. old. Well, none of us...
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