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It's really amazing how hard it is to find that stuff. I remember a few years ago going to the Library of a Congress one weekend to unearth the bound editions but to my disappointment found that almost every issue was cut to pieces by people who would remove large swaths of the pages. And some volumes were completely missing.
Excellent book.
I agree completely save for one thing; add to your list of excellent "how to dress better" books Charles Hix's Dressing Right (St. Martin's Press, 1978). The "do your own thing, there are no rules" vibe will certainly turn most of the SF tribe off. But once you put that aside, it's in many ways a better how to dress book than any of the holy trinity books. Hix is very thought provoking and offers in-depth discussions of a number of very interesting issues only cursorily...
I should clarify why I employ this middling brown suit / navy blazer strategy. I frequently travel on business and have meetings with people I've never met. I don't know what the hell they're going to wear. Sometimes they go CBD. More often, however, they leave their coat hanging and wear a dress shirt and business slacks and half the time, no tie. Almost as often, I'lll run into high level guy (sometimes even the CEO) and he's wearing a polo shirt and chinos. You...
Agree completely. The tan suit I sport is a classic wool gabardine. I love it. Looks awesome with a white shirt and black tie (knit is best), white shirt and burgundy dot tie, a white or blue shirt with regimental striped tie, or a white shirt with tight blue stripes and foulard tie. Can dress it up or down. Incredibly versatile.
A charcoal blue / petrol blue suit doesn't bring down the formality notch down as much as does brown, in fact, probably not very much at all. So it doesn't do the job. The best alternative to the brown suit, I've found, is the navy blazer. Always good enough in a meeting with suits and not as dressy as a suit when unexpectedly running into "office casual."The brown shows up in the fall, winter, and spring. RLBL worsted herringbone.Agree; I should add Boston and Chicago...
I don't buy it Doc. In fact, they are perfect for business outside of NY/DC where you never know how the hell people are going to dress in a business meeting. I'm constantly going into meets in my suit and wildly overdressing the people there. Wearing a brown suit reduces the formality just enough to not come off in those circumstances like a power-dressing a**hole.
Was lifting with only so-so efficiency from 12/12-12/13 but - thanks to a really good personal trainer - I really went into high gear last December. Best thing I've ever done. Well worth the massive alteration costs associated with it.5'11" on my end.
My other brother from another mother! 22"
Within reason. I've got a pair of 38" trousers from Brooks Brothers that has been trimmed to the max and they are still nearly unwearable on that front.
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