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Germany won't struggle in the group stage, they' re still strong enough to beat Australia, Ghana and Serbia. but honestly i don't see them doing a new "Sommermaerchen", mostly because the defense is just average, partly the left side and the center will have serious problems playing teams like England and Argentina. But then it's Germany you never know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Canal Directo Yeah I was really impressed by the US. Donovan is clearly a world class player. Strong match of Dempsety and Bradley too. and to Onyewu. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Sydguy South Korea Vs Nigeria will be a hoot. The Nigerians will dwarf them - here's hoping they can do enough to progress! Someone mentioned how Greece was stretching to qualify - most curious team has to be North Korea, I am guessing a few "international" North Koreans on the team. Actually one, Tae-Se Jong, the "Asian Wayne Rooney", plays in Japan.
Dale di Maria! Impressive Line up! Vamos Argentina!
Yes! Thank you gdl! geehrter Fritzl Schuhgroesse 43 bitte!
Not really, no host lost the opening game in Worldcup history and Mexiko has never won a opening game, beeing the team with most opening games played(6). Historically all fine with this draw
France-Uruguay will be a good game, Uruguay has a decent team, can become the big suprise in this Worldcup!
Now c'mon Mexiko I predicted a 1:1 draw
now i've watched the slowmotion i dare to respond, it was clearly offside , close, but off.
No not robbed, the rule goes the last "defender" not "goalkeeper"
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