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I don't believe Honduras to score! 2:0 for Chile
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Ban the fucking vuvuzelas, let the girls stay. +1 Ok i'm starting to get nervous!!! Força Portugal!
I hope Holland will stay long in Tournament!
Oh still leader and i screwed yesterday( actually the paraguayan goalkeeper who should have saved that corner not me )
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Indeed. It's important to win ugly matches like these. And the defense and defensive midfield played quite well today; also important. Good start. Not complaining. It wasn't ugly, it was well organised. A lot of football fans mistake control with boringness, I'm impressed but to be honest not really surprised. Van Marwijk is a very smart team manager!
Cameroun-Japan will be definitely a draw, i still haven't made up my mind on Italy!
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Wish me luck. hup holland hup laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan good luck!
But regarding the opponent tomorrow, i doubt the Netherlands will convince in a similar way Germany did today. Denmark isn't quite comparable to Australia.
wuerde koennen! O my good german(the language) sucks!
Die armen Oesterreicher und Schweizer, droht jetzt der fussballerische Anschluss!
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