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Quote: Again, let us not generalize. I think these mediocre Portuguese shoes are more a question of retail drive to produce shoes at as low a cost as possible. The same labor might cost much more in Spain; the same quality from China might cost more to import. In the end, it is the retailer who demands a product at a particular price point that fits a certain image. +1 There is definitly no tradition, like in England or Italy, of handmaking...
Do you remember Greece in 2004? Winning is not necessarily a proof of skill!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro England will go home tomorrow and the U.S. better fucking win. The English team visited an orphanage in Cape Town today. "It was tough to see all the faces without hope", said six year old Benny, after the team had left.
Yes Villa missed the penalty! Guess my prediction!
For luxury clothing Rosa&Teixeira in Avenida da Liberdade, all famous brands like Cucinnelli. For shoes you may visit "Sapataria Orion", R. Garrett 42 1200 Lisboa, in the Baixa Area. Enjoy your stay.
Quote: Originally Posted by clockwise No luck with the score in that game. Argentina is a very hateable team. Good to have one of those around. Now I will disclose the result of next game: Greece v Nigeria 0:2 Hope that will make everyone happy. Now it's starting to get a little bit suspicious! Again the same prediction
And we ports are grieving the defeat of our good neighbours the new iphone?
good news!
We'll see, yesterday i was quite sure Slovakia would win.
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