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Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Find the flaw. You're travelling with DeutscheBahn?During winter? P.s very nice jacket(suit?)
Quote: Originally Posted by IronRock Just me or is the stuff in the online shop VVVV expensive for RTW? Quote: ...he says he used to spend £2,000 a month on clothes Quote: ... he was studying for an Executive MBA at Oxford University's Said Business School Quote: ...bringing in a few friends as investors and securing a government-backed loan from the bank, he bought it in...
I like the green!
You should consider starting a "reconquista"! ¡Santiago y cierra, España!
and another no.
hot Girls?
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD I read that.
Sorry don't get it, you make it functional, and don't use the function? May sound like a hater, but i don't like it the sprezzy unbuttoned cuff Orange lapel? Must be NOBD
+ 1 on Rimowa. Buy at a german online store to save some bucks.
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