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I second the Stuttgart and Munich Opera recommendation. Stuttgart is not comparable to Munich, but you can have a good time there. As mentioned above students tend to be a bit more formal ( at least when i attended university in germany). I really enjoyed my time there, nice people and country!
Quote: Originally Posted by academe The point of the money clip/card case combo is simplicity and lack of bulk. Personally I hate having a wallet bulge in my trousers -- it really kills the line of a good pair of trousers. Billfold wallets can also leave an unsightly bulge in your coat. Slim breast pocket or coat wallets might serve nicely if you wear coats/odd jackets day to day....I keep my billfold wallet in my brief case for all the extra cards, etc....
Bump! The moroccans have taken over Rubinacci(the internet site that is) It's your fault spalla!
Merry Christmas!
You will enjoy it Aj_del, everything, food, wine, landscape and views. Bozen is wonderful!
and this is one was restored twelve years ago. it's just too much money. 6000? wow sounds like a missed opportunity
Quote: Originally Posted by Lusitano What? This is blasphemy! I would want the GTI too, because of the fuel injected motor. I'm quite tented but I really can't justify the money(and my gf would kill me). This is the one i'm dreaming of: (click for more)
double post
if you drive a big black sedan professinally, you can pull it off, the suit with gloves look. Otherwise naaa
Copying may be a strong word but we could argue about "influenced". Especially the Gti may be "heavier" influenced by the thunderbird then the "ur"3500 gt 3500 GT 3500 GTI Nevertheless it was the first Maserati build in a fairly number and therefor a special one. (but then i'm biassed because it is my dreamcar). The Mexico is also a stunnig car
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