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Prior All teams with realistic chances have at least one title, big exception beeing Spain.
ok let the games begin!
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia [...] and that we or another humiliate Portugal, I'm cool with whatever happens. Oh i missed this one! Still hurting? Força Portugal!
Airline pilot? Public Employee in a caribbean tax heaven? Otherwise don't wear it! Never!
Quote: Originally Posted by Canal Directo Speaking of this group, Drogba seems to be out for the WC. Maybe a russian-KGB-Abramowitsch conspiracy thing, it's the 4. Chelsea player (Essien;Ballack;Bosingwa;Drogba)
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Cristiano Ronaldo must be looking like a p...k wearing that... Made a little search the new suits before the final fitting(I doubt we' ll see a lot of improvement) ~
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Great player but what a t..t.... Don't know what t..t.... means, but i second! great player, though
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 please post Portugal for rach - thanks Portugal will present their new suits tomorrow at the farewell dinner with the portuguese Prime minister Sócrates. Had a short look at the suits; ridiculous!! db 4:2 with small lapels in black , arrgh.
Oh come on, a lot of football nerds (especially seniors like my fahther) are just influencend by the fact, this was the best wc final played. We may even argue about Brazil 1970 beeing the best team or not, but this is definetly not the best goal!
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