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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Desert Storm?
very nice suit, sportcoat and pics! I'm not sure it has been mentioned but what is the usual turn around time, if visiting mina a napoli?
A wise man once said (actually a Flight attendant): It's never too early for a glass of Champagne!
I saw this answer coming! i lost track with foo's green wallet odyssey must first update the hermes tragedy, then i will educate myself about black as acceptable business attire.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Read it. A summary or a conclusion ?
Quote: Originally Posted by economiayocio I didn't see this post in the past. I have a collection of over 60 different pairs. EG, G&G, C&J, Alden and yes, Carmina. I have more EG and C&J than Carmina's. You can check that on the reviews of my blog. I defend Carmina because it is the only one being questioned here. Just for that. It is an excellent brand, but as many other top ones. I wouldn't say it tops EG or G&G, because they don't. I was just...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Yes - loads of exercise (approx 3 hours daily). We start with a 30 minute walk at 6am, before work. Mid afternoon for 90 minutes and then a run in the evening. He is going through 'Bastard' mode presently, with lots of teething and challenging us as he gains confidence. On the plus side he does not chew furniture or shoes and has his own space on the ground floor. We have one of those childproof gates to separate...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Thanks - What does Winston weigh? Great looking Dog. Thanks! About 35-37 Kg. He's a a bit on the small site, although a heavy eater. Is yours as active as mine? The first year and half was really challenging, but now he 's settled and calmer. Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I love weimaraners. Hopefully I have the chance to own one in the future. I would also like a German Short...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Oscar - our 5 month old Weim... Winston my 3 year old one, wants to welcome Oscar! Beautiful dog! Gratz
Red gingham with a solid dark blue (knit) tie is
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