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Here's a swiss approach
Actually there is a historical reason for the strong feelings Spalla is showing towards Rubinacci. Beeing the rightwing Spanish, that he his, all things linked to former neapolitan aristocracy is viewed with mistrust and suspiciousness. Carlos III, former King Carlos VII of both Sicillys( 1735-1759) became King of Spain in 1759(till his dead 1788). He expelled the Jesuits from Spain and confiscated all their spanish assets. He also started peace negotiations with...
Are you waiting for your wife/girlfriend? Birkin Handbag? Sorry, this is downright ridiculous.
Forget Ibiza! Only Douches and Pimps (and drunk and stoned germans/english, hard to differentiate because they' re all red like cooked lobsters) especially in august. I second Andalucia and San Sebastian.
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat I'll second Florence for a first trip, [...] My preference, though, would be to fly into Nice (though the city itself is forgettable), rent a car and drive through Monaco into Italy. The coastline around here is spectacular (as is the seafood), and Cinque Terre is a must-see. It's a short drive to Florence from there, and you combine some surf and gorgeous scenery with your city adventure. June is a good time...
I hope you don't get inspired by his haircut too. Very nice suit and the sportcoat is lovely!
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot medtech - Awesome report all around. It's write ups like these that make Style Forum a worthwhile place and valuable source of information. Keep it up! :^) This! Thank you for the reports and pictorials!
^actually i hope he isn't! This would be too epic, if real.
I like the hiking boots look, not for everyday in the city, but on weekend or for walking the dog in style on sunday afternoon. And fox, actually hiking boots can come very handy in some parts of India, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand for example.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos No one goes to Rio to visit a favela. ?? actually some do!
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