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Ed: Here's another vote for the single-pleated classic-fit pants, when you can get to them. Regards, Rick
I just purchased a couple of pairs of shoes from medtech_expat. His descriptions, communications, responsiveness, and shipment were first-rate. I recommend medtech_expat as a fine seller. While posting (which I don't do often), I should also express my gratitude to a number of other sellers on the Forum, from whom I've purchased various nice items, in excellent transactions, over the last couple of years. Among those I...
If you're willing to travel south to the middle of Dallas, there are a couple of tailors I'd recommend. One is Cercone's Model Tailors on Greenville Avenue, just south of Lovers Lane, and the other is J's Tailors and Cleaners, just south of Northwest Highway and west of Preston Road. In my experience, each of them can perform difficult or relatively complicated tailoring services. Regards, Rick
I have a pair of Nettletons very similar to these (in a different size), purchased a couple of years ago from AlanC's sister (I think). They're fine shoes, and I highly recommend them.
I agree that a tie clip or bar will do this. If the tie doesn't do it because of the knot and doesn't have a buttoning keeper, you can use the tie clip to fasten only the back strand of the tie, just above the keeper (through which you have passed the back strand), to your shirt at a place that will cause the front strand of the tie to lift and protrude a bit.
Yay. I don't know whether they're in style or not, but I wear a tie clip or bar to keep my tie relatively straight, particularly when wearing double-breasted suits. Though it doesn't (and isn't intended to) make the tie taught, it restricts extreme sideways movements of the tie. It permits me to avoid the David Letterman-like routine of periodically stopping, looking down, and straightening my tie.
I seriously considered purchasing these shoes at a local store a number of months ago. I agree with the previous posters. They're great shoes. They're definitely burgundy, and in normal light (whether outside or inside) the color is more subtle than appears under the apparently bright light for the photo. I was also looking for burgundy shoes to wear with suits, however, and reluctantly concluded that these wouldn't work that well with suits. But they would be great...
Gentlemen: I recently purchased a suit that was one of Holdfast's previous offerings and wanted to remark that the suit was just as nice as advertised, the measurements were accurate, and the shipping was well-done and prompt. In my experience, there are quite a few excellent sellers on the Forum, and I certainly recommend Holdfast as one of them. Regards, Rick
I've seen the Dingman dark brown alligator chukkas to which Lance refers, and they're simply beautiful. Unfortunately, I just couldn't determine that I would ever wear them. If you will wear them, I'd recommend that you seriously consider them. Rick
tiecollector: I don't know of any simplified Bible that I could recommend, but I've found useful a relatively short book entitled "You Can Understand the Bible," written by Peter Kreeft. It's an overview of the Bible that briefly describes each book of the Bible, indicating the principal points. It may not really be a substitute for some reading of the Bible, but it does describe various themes and topics and put them in context. Best wishes on your...
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